Carnival Fantasy Cruise Ship Interiors

Carnival Fantasy cruise ship in Cozumel


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The Carnival Fantasy was built in 1990, but has been significantly refurbished several times since then and looks great. The interiors are a combination of fun, quirky, and comfortable.

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Ocean View Cabin

Carnival Fantasy - Ocean View Cabin
Linda Garrison

Although the Carnival Fantasy has only 54 balcony cabins, the ocean view cabins are adequate in size and storage space, and the interior cabins are the same size and configuration. The cabin decor is plainer than some of the other Carnival ships. The only issue with the cabins was the darkness of the bathroom. Women will need to use the desk area for makeup application.

The bars and lounges are diverse and fun. Some have dance floors, and many bars feature live music. Several of the bars are found on the promenade deck, and the indoor seating along the promenade is a good place for people watching. The Universe Lounge is the large show lounge, and the two production shows we saw on our 5-day cruise were excellent.

The spa is lovely, and the fitness center is large and has great ocean views all the latest equipment.

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Grand Atrium

Carnival Fantasy - Grand Atrium
Linda Garrison

The soaring Grand Atrium is the central hub of the Carnival Fantasy. The Grand Atrium might not be as "grand" as on newer ships, but for a first-time cruiser, it's awe-inspiring to see on a cruise ship. 

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Grand Atrium

Carnival Fantasy - Grand Atrium
Linda Garrison

The Bar in the Grand Atrium is a great place to either watch people or let them watch you. And, the drinks are good, too!

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Internet Center

Carnival Fantasy - Internet Center in Grand Atrium
Linda Garrison

In addition to Internet access at this computer center, the Carnival Fantasy also has WiFi available throughout the ship.

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Art Gallery

Carnival Fantasy - Art Gallery
Linda Garrison

This lovely art gallery is next to the Grand Atrium on the Carnival Fantasy.

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Lego Model

Carnival Fantasy - Lego Model
Linda Garrison

Lego fans will love this model of the Carnival Fantasy! It's quite remarkable.

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Elevator Lobby

Carnival Fantasy - Elevator Lobby
Linda Garrison

The Carnival Fantasy is filled with artwork in most of the common areas, like this colorful piece in an elevator lobby.

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Jubilee Dining Room

Carnival Fantasy - Jubilee Dining Room
Linda Garrison

The Jubilee and Celebration dining rooms are the two main restaurants on the Carnival Fantasy. The cruise ship also has a buffet, deli, grill, and pizzeria. Two trendy casual eateries are outdoors--the Blue Iguana Cantina and Guy's Burger Joint. 

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Dining Room

Carnival Fantasy Dining Room
Linda Garrison

The Carnival Fantasy has two almost identical dining rooms on deck 8 that are divided by the galley. The table settings and presentation are very nice.

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Pavilion Library

Carnival Fantasy - Pavilion Library
Linda Garrison

The Carnival Fantasy library is quiet and large but doesn't have as many books as some cruise ship libraries on smaller ships. The Carnival Fantasy is a "fun ship," so most of its activities are for groups, couples, or families. Those who love to read can find a quiet corner on the ship to "chill out" if they choose.

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Cleopatra's Bar

Carnival Fantasy - Cleopatra's Bar
Linda Garrison

Cleopatra's Bar is found on Atlantic Deck 8 next to the Pavilion Library on the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship.

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Via Marina Promenade

Carnival Fantasy - Via Marina Promenade
Linda Garrison

The Carnival Fantasy Via Marina promenade is a long passageway that links several lounges and the casino.

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Via Marina Promenade

Carnival Fantasy - Via Marina Promenade
Linda Garrison

The promenade has several beautiful sitting areas where passengers can enjoy a drink from one of the nearby bars or just some interesting conversation with friends.

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Electricity Disco

Carnival Fantasy - Electricity Disco
Linda Garrison

The Electricity Disco and Dance Club are on the promenade deck 9 of the Carnival Fantasy.

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Club 21 Casino

Carnival Fantasy - Club 21 Casino
Mary Margaret Duncan Jones

Like most large cruise ships, the casino on the Carnival Fantasy is a favorite place for those who love gaming. The casino is only open when the ship is at sea.

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21st Century Bar

Carnival Fantasy - 21st Century Bar
Linda Garrison

The 21st Century Bar is just outside the casino on the Carnival Fantasy.

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Carnival Fantasy - Bistro
Linda Garrison

Cruise travelers who enjoy specialty coffees, drinks, and snacks will enjoy the Bistro Cafe on the Carnival Fantasy.

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Majestic Bar

Carnival Fantasy - Majestic Bar
Linda Garrison

The seating in the Majestic Bar on the Carnival Fantasy is appropriate--it's majestic and comfortable.

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Forum Room

Carnival Fantasy - Forum Room
Linda Garrison

The Forum is found aft on deck 9 of the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship. This lounge is used for entertainment and meetings.

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Universe Lounge

Carnival Fantasy - Universe Lounge
Linda Garrison

 The Universe Lounge is the main show lounge on the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship.

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Fitness Center

Carnival Fantasy - Fitness Center
Linda Garrison

Like other Carnival cruise ships, the Carnival Fantasy has an excellent fitness center and spa, with all of the latest equipment. Personal trainers will help you get into shape if you need guidance.

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