Carnival Dream's Bars and Lounges

Carnival Dream Burgundy Lounge
Linda Garrison
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    Bars and Lounges

    Carnival Dream Sunset Bar
    Linda Garrison

    Most cruisers love to congregate in the numerous lounges and bars on a cruise ship, enjoying the entertainment, having a drink, and socializing with new or old friends. In addition to Encore!, the main show lounge that seats 1,964, the Carnival Dream has at least nine lounges and bars, all of which are different and fun. They include the:

    • Small, casual Sunset Bar outside on the aft deck
    • Venetian Carnivale decor of the 425-seat Burgundy Show Lounge
    • Contemporary 211-seat Caliente dance club
    • Small, clubbish Rendezvous Lounge
    • 88-seat Song Bar, featuring live music and Karaoke
    • Small Dream Bar in the lobby of the Carnival Dream
    • 120-seat Sam's Piano Bar with its revolving piano
    • Plaza Bar in the Ocean Plaza hub
    • Sports Bar in the Jackpot Casino

    There are also outdoor bars near the Waves Pool and Serenity, the adults-only retreat. These will be very popular on those sunny days in the Caribbean.

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    Sam's Piano Bar

    Carnival Dream - Sams Piano Bar
    Linda Garrison

    Cruise travelers love piano bars, and the Carnival Dream cruise ship has an excellent one, named Sam's Piano Bar. We can't help but wonder if it was named for the piano-playing Sam in the classic movie, "Casablanca".

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    Rendezvous Bar

    Carnival Dream - Rendezvous Bar
    Linda Garrison

    The intimate Rendezvous Bar on the Carnival Dream is a quiet spot for a relaxing drink. It provides a welcome respite from the non-stop, fun activity on much of the ship. If you are into people watching (and who isn't), try the Ocean Plaza bar or the Lobby Bar.

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    Ocean Plaza Bar

    Carnival Dream - Ocean Plaza Bar
    Linda Garrison

      Ocean Plaza is a popular gathering spot on the Carnival Dream, and this bar is one of them.

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    Lobby Bar

    Carnival Dream Lobby Bar
    Linda Garrison

    The multi-deck atrium lobby on the Carnival Dream cruise ship is spectacular, as is this centrally-located Lobby Bar.

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    Burgundy Lounge

    Carnival Dream Burgundy Lounge
    Linda Garrison

    The Burgundy Show Lounge on the Carnival Dream cruise ship seats 425 guests and is used for live comedy, music, and cabaret shows.

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    The Song Music and Karaoke Bar

    Carnival Dream - The Song Music and Karaoke Bar
    Linda Garrison

    In contrast to the larger Burgundy Lounge, The Song Music and Karaoke Bar seats only 88 guests, but it can be rambunctious, depending on who is singing karaoke!

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    Casino Sports Bar

    Carnival Dream - Casino Sports Bar
    Linda Garrison

    The Sports Bar on the Carnival Dream cruise ship is located in the casino. It's a fun place to watch sporting events, especially those that might not be as popular in the USA (like soccer).

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    Caliente Dance Club

    Carnival Dream - Caliente Dance Club
    Linda Garrison

    Every mainstream cruise ship has a dance club or disco, and this one, the Caliente Dance Club on the Carnival Dream, is aptly named--it features hot music and some hot dancing.