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Beyond Great Carnevino Will Change You

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Important Update for 2019: From the Carnevino website,

Thank you for visiting Carnevino. We are sad to share that Carnevino restaurant has closed as of July 23, 2018. We would like to thank all of our guests over many years for their patronage. We would especially like to thank our dedicated and loyal employees for their years of service delivering delicious food, and incredible hospitality to our guests.

You can call me a romantic. Maybe I see things through my perpetual camera lens. It is very possible that my mood is set by the atmosphere in any given place. Sitting down for a meal at Carnevino the light seems perfect for a cozy meal for two or a raucous party of 20. I could see myself kissing my wife with a toast to the good life or me and the boys celebrating the bachelorhood of another. This is a Mario Batali restaurant if you are into the Celebrity Chef thing. The staff is a group of hard working, passion driven people who clearly are delivering an exemplary product.

If you love beef there is no way you'll leave Carnevino at Palazzo Las Vegas without learning a few things about your favorite entree or without a new found respect for dry aged steaks.

Location: Carnevino Italian Steakhouse
Palazzo Las Vegas
3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-242-2747

See the Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at The Palazzo Las Vegas website

Carnevino is a certified GreenRestaurant®. They have implemented environmentally sustainable practices in accordance with the Green Restaurant Association's rigorous guidelines.

Cuisine at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at The Palazzo Las Vegas: Italian Steakhouse

Reservations for Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at The Palazzo Las Vegas: recommended

Price Range at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at The Palazzo Las Vegas: Expensive

Hours at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at The Palazzo Las Vegas:
Open daily. Dinner from 5pm until 11pm.
Taverna Menu offered from 12 noon every afternoon for lunch through the evening.

Attire: Business Casual

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What it’s like at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at The Palazzo Las Vegas?
I almost expect to see a fresco on the wall. The height of the ceilings in the main dining room and the light that glides in from the large windows make it very romantic for me. It’s not like cupid is doing the rounds at Carnevino but it has that touch of elegance that compels you to lean over and plant a kiss on the person you are with. When your meal comes out you’ll want to kiss your server. The back dining room is a bit more steakhouse motif and the bar area beckons something very stiff or one of the very beefy Italian reds on the wine list.

How’s the food at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at The Palazzo Las Vegas?
Sublime. There really is no way to describe just how tender red meat can get until you have a piece of their dry aged steaks. If you think you have tasted a good piece of meat you owe it to yourself to experience what great care of the process of running a steakhouse means to the ultimate product. It would be hard for you to find a piece of beef anywhere in Las Vegas with more flavor than what you will be delivered at Carnevino.

What you should try Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at The Palazzo Las Vegas:

  • Bison Carpaccio – This is the one dish that you should not have. You should not treat yourself to something so tender and so packed with flavor that it ruins you. Do not order this unless you want to forever judge everything else by this standard. The bison is lean, tender and provides a refreshing flavor that I would describe as “crisp.” Like a light sprinkle on a spring morning. (I know, I’m, making myself sick describing red meat like this but the bison was transcendental)
  • Beef Cheek Ravioli – This dish is not on the menu but it is a signature Mario Batali dish that will be prepared if you request it. Also, when they drizzle the balsamic over the top you must taste it alone as it is worth rubbing a little behind your ears. The beef cheek swirled with the balsamic is comforting in a way that makes me want to cuddle up next to it. The beef cheek explodes with that slightly fatty flavor and the fresh pasta wraps it like a gift for my senses followed by a hint of butter and vinaigrette. This is a must dish even if you have to share it with someone.
  • Bone-in New York Strip – Dry aged about 60 days and then rubbed with salt, pepper and rosemary. It’s brought to your table, carved right in front of you as you try not to drool on your nice shirt and then the bone is placed on a separate plate for your tasting pleasure. I can only say that it is as if I am having beef flavored cotton candy. It melts away in your mouth.
  • I would also suggest the Jamon Iberico De Bellota – I am a sucker for Iberico ham and Carnevino will tickle your palate with the sweet pork flavors.

What you should drink at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at The Palazzo Las Vegas:

The Piedmont Region is represented very well at Carnevino so if you are a Barolo lover as am I you might be looking for a spot in the corner to take up residency.

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