13 Ways to Stay in a Treehouse in the Caribbean

Looking for a change from the beach? Get up a tree, in style!

Most Caribbean travelers dream of a beach bungalow, and that's cool -- nothing wrong with a private hideaway just steps from the inviting sand and pounding surf for a lullaby. But there are a number of treehouse resorts in this favorite destination ... including some treehouses that are beachfront -- talk about the best of both worlds!


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    Domaine de Robinson treehouse bungalow, Martinique.
    © SPB Public Relations

    Accessed by a cable bridge, the "bungalarbre" at the Domaine de Robinson resort in Martinique is a true treehouse, perched 20 feet above ground among the branches of an apricot tree and just steps from the Caribbean Sea -- a view you can enjoy from a private and leafy terrace. Rates for the treehouse start at 100 Euros a night. The resort itself is arranged before a black-sand beach on an ultra-private cove, seemingly miles from any civilization but in reality just a few miles from the town of Trois Ilets.

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    Sandton Lodge Kura Hulanda Resort, Curacao

    The Treehouse Mansion at the Lodge Kura Hulanda, Curacao.
    Courtesy of Sonesta Kura Hulanda

    The Treehouse Mansion at the Sandton Lodge Kura Hulanda is a quiet sanctuary in this clifftop, waterfront resort, which itself is located in an off-the-beaten-path area of Curacao. Mansion? Well, maybe not quite, but this African-themed luxury treehouse does have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and even wireless Internet access. A spiral staircase leads up from the ground to the open-air living room, which faces the Caribbean.

    A second, more modest treehouse at Kura Hulanda is less expensive to rent but lacks air conditioning and an en-suite bathroom. Still, for a one-night experience of living in a tree, the price is reasonable ($100 vs. $1,200 for the mansion).

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    Tree house lodge costa rica
    Tree House Lodge Living Room, Costa Rica. © Tree House Lodge

    This lovely resort on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is home to not one but four unique lodgings. The namesake Tree House can accommodate up to 6 guests on its two levels of living (and playing) space, which includes a master bedroom with queen-size bed, a second bedroom, kitchen, and a shower that seems to flow directly from a mammoth Sangrillo tree. If you liked the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Disney World, you're going to love staying here.

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    Tree Houses Hotel Costa Rica
    Courtesy of Tree Houses Hotel Costa Rica

    The Tree Houses Hotel offers an opportunity to explore the other side of Costa Rica -- not the Caribbean coastline but the interior rainforest, including the active Arenal volcano. The resort has three treehouses, each with bedrooms, bathrooms, air conditioning, and private decks. They are two-level structures, but the top level is reached only via ladder. The property neighbors a nature preserve but also is close to the town of Santa Clara. Breakfast is included with your stay.

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    Costa Treehouse, Costa Rica

    costa rica treehouse
    Courtesy of Rio Tranquilo

    Perhaps the most rugged of the accommodations listed here, the Costa Treehouse is located closer to Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, set beside a river in a small mountain town. The good news is that breakfast is included in the $60 nightly rate, and other meals and activities like zip-lining and hiking excursions also are available. The treehouse itself has a single room and bed, with a simple wraparound porch and a corrugated tin roof.

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    Lapa's Nest Costa Rica
    Courtesy of Lapa's Nest

    This architecturally striking treehouse may have been the mad creation of Walt Disney and Tim Burton, or perhaps Dr. Seuss: a spiral wooden staircase wraps around a mammoth tree trunk on its way to a six-level structure that not only was inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson but decorated as an homage to the Disney World attraction. This endlessly fascinating treehouse in Costa Rica has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, panoramic ocean views from 50 feet above ground, and sleeps up to six for $1,800 per week.

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    Parrot Nest Lodge
    Courtesy of Parrot Nest Lodge

    Deep in the jungle of Belize, the Parrot Nest Lodge is highlighted by a pair of treehouse lodgings that start at just $45 per night. The thatched-roof treehouses are nestled under the eaves of two Guanacaste trees and embraced by the clear and swimmable Mopan River. When you come down from your tree you can join a daily river tubing excursion to local Mayan ruins and Bullet Tree Falls. 

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    Sunset at the Palms resort, Negril, Jamaica.
    Treehouse rooms at the Sunset at the Palms resort, Negril, Jamaica. © Sunset Resorts

    The Sunset at the Palms resort is the closest you will get to a treehouse in Jamaica -- but it feels pretty close. Raised a few feet above ground and surrounded by verdant gardens, the resort's two classes of bungalows (including suites with dual verandas) are dressed in dark wood, canvas, and Asian inspired furnishings for a treehouse feel. Unique among the resorts listed here, the beachfront (Negril) Sunset on the Palms is an all-inclusive resort with a full array of amenities, dining options, and activities at your command.

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    Oasis Marigot Island Villas
    Courtesy of Oasis Marigot Island Villas

    Full disclosure: the Pitons Stargroves isn't located in a tree. In fact, there's nary a large tree nearby. However, this striking home -- located on a hillside between St. Lucia's signature Pitons -- not only resembles a treehouse in its all-wood construction and open-air design, it also boasts a wonderful tower room with a hammock built for two ... and not much more needed. Meals are prepared by the villa staff, and amenities include a private pool, a living room with a waterfall for decor, and multiple decks for ever-changing vantage points of the mountains and the Caribbean.

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    Ladera resort, St. Lucia
    Courtesy of Ladera

    A small, intimate St. Lucia resort for lovers, Ladera is comprised of just 25 suites and villas. The lodge-like buildings are constructed of Caribbean timbers, and the guestrooms are built to resemble luxury treehouses. although they are planted on terra firma. The surprise is that unlike conventional hotel rooms they are missing the fourth wall –- all the better for making the breathtaking scenery an integral part of the décor. Telescopes in each room help guests search the velvety, star-strewn skies at night.

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    3 Rivers Eco Lodge
    Courtesy of 3 Rivers Eco Lodge

    This green resort in the jungles of Dominica features a variety of accommodations, including a pair of treehouse rooms located well off the beaten path even within the resort property itself. A 15-minute hike from the main lodge building brings you to the Bamboo Tree House and the Chataniere Lodge Tree House, each spare and secluded. Both have double beds and are built high above the forest floor, and the Bamboo Tree House has a balcony. 

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    Teak Bungalow Mount Victory Camp
    Courtesy of Mount Victory Camp

    The Teak Bungalow at the Mount Victory Camp on the west end of St. Croix, U.S.V.I., blends the feel of a treehouse (built around a live tree and constructed of wood and canvas) with the fun of camping out -- all in a beautiful Caribbean island setting. Each of the bungalows is stocked with camping supplies, and a base camp provides bath and shower facilities, a dining pavilion, library and more. Guests are welcome to explore the surrounding farm, nearby Sprat Hall Beach, and the capital of Frederiksted, just five minutes away.

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    Tropical Tree House
    Courtesy of Tropical Tree House

     This unique vacation rental property consists of three bamboo "hooches" elevated in the trees of the Rincon rainforest on the west coast of Puerto Rico. The two-level Sunset Hooch has a 10x10 master bedroom over a solar- and gas-powered kitchen, with a neighboring private bathroom and shower. The Luna Hooch has similar amenities plus a porch for enjoying the views of the forest and the Caribbean Sea. The new Buddha Hooch is the most spacious, with a penthouse suite and full bathroom contained within a hexagonal structure. Rates range from $110 to $160 nightly.