16 Great Caribbean Beers to Beat the Heat

Almost every major Caribbean island has its local beer.

When you are in the Caribbean, you should drink Caribbean beer -- it's that simple. These are beers brewed in and designed for the tropics -- typically light and smooth lagers, they go down easy on a hot sunny day. There are more than a dozen major Caribbean brews to choose from, including popular favorites like Jamaica's Red Stripe, Carib and the "Man's Beer" -- Stag -- from Trinidad, and the uniquely Bahamian Kalik. Try 'em all!

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Red Stripe, Jamaica

A case of Red Stripe Beer.
WestportWiki / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

A beer that's nearly synonymous with the Caribbean, Red Stripe is a world-famous export from Jamaica like reggae and rum. Unlike most Caribbean beers, it's a full-bodied lager with a uniquely sweet flavor, packaged in distinctive squat, dark-glass, 12-ounce bottles. There's also a Red Stripe Light version of the beer, and brewer Desnoes & Geddes of Kingston also makes Dragon Stout and the popular non-alcoholic Malta beverage.

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Balashi, Aruba

Balashi Beer from Aruba.

p_x_g via Flikr

This all-malt pilsner is the national beer of Aruba. You can tour the Balashi brewery in Oranjestad when visiting the island.

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Banks, Barbados

Banks Beer of Barbados.

North Joe via Flikr

This pilsner-style lager is brewed by the Banks Barbados Brewery, which also makes amber, stout, and light versions of the brew. The brewery in Barbados' St. Michael parish offers tours to the public.

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Biere Lorriane, Martinique

Biere Lorraine from Martinique.

Uncommon Caribbean

This American-style lager can be found in bars across Martinique, where it is locally brewed.

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Bucanero, Cuba

Bucanero Beer from Cuba.

Zoonabar via Flikr

Bucanero is a classic Cuban lager brewed in Holguin.

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Carib, Trinidad and Tobago

Carib Beer from Trinidad and Tobago

Robert S. Donovan via Flikr

One of the most popular beers in the Caribbean, and sold in many islands beyond its native Trinidad, Carib is an American Adjunct Lager.

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Caybrew, Cayman Islands

Caybrew beer from the Cayman Islands.

Mike Miley via Flikr

Caybrew is a European Style Pale Lager produced by Cayman Islands Brewing, Ltd., which also makes a Caybrew Light, White Tip Lager, and a hearty Ironshore Bock. The Grand Cayman brewery was founded in 2007 and is open to the public for tours.

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Kalik, Bahamas

Kalik Beer from the Bahamas

Cogdogbog via Flikr

Part of the Heineken family of beer brands, Kalik is brewed by Commonwealth Brewery in Nassau, Bahamas. The name for this mellow lager comes from the distinctive sound made by cowbells during the islands' annual Junkanoo celebration. Light and heavier "gold" versions of Kalik also are sold. With about 7 percent alcohol, the regular Kalik has a decent kick.

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Kubuli, Dominica

Kubuli beer from Dominica

Jean&Nathalie via Flikr

This light, German-style lager bears a shortened version of the Carib Indian name for this island of Dominica and is made with spring water from the "nature island" of the Caribbean.

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Medalla Light, Puerto Rico

Medallia Light beer from Puerto Rico.

Jason Sturner 72 via Flikr

This popular pale lager is brewed in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and sold everywhere on the island.

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Piton, St. Lucia

Bucanero Beer from Cuba.

Zoonabar via Flikr

Named for St. Lucia's signature mountain peaks, Piton is an American Adjunct Lager produced on-island by the Windward & Leeward Brewing Company, which also brews Heineken, Guinness, and Strongbow cider under license.

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Presidente, Dominican Republic

Presidente beer from the Dominican Republic.

Pockey Wiley via Flikr

This American Adjunct Lager is the most popular beer in the Dominican Republic and, like Red Strip and Carib, can be found on U.S. store shelves, as well.

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Prestige, Haiti

Prestige Beer from Haiti.

Uncommon Caribbean

An American-style lager, Prestige has been brewed in Haiti for several decades and is now the most popular brand of beer on the island. The beer was honored with a gold medal in the World Beer Cup in 2000.

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Sands, Bahamas

Sands beer from Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.

Uncommon Caribbean

Brewed on Grand Bahama Island, Sands is a pale lager from Bahamian Brewery and Beverage, which also makes a Sands Light, Strong Back Stout, and High Rock premium lager.

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Stag, Trinidad and Tobago

Stag Lager Beer from Trinidad and Tobago

Lee Coursey via Flikr

Unabashedly billed as "A Man's Beer," Stag is a European Style Lager brewed by the same Trinidad and Tobago company that makes the lighter Carib. Despite its macho advertising, however, it's not especially strong -- just 5.5 percent alcohol by volume.

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Wadadli, Antigua

Wadadli Beer from Antigua and Barbuda

Caitlinator via Flikr

Wadadli is a pale lager that reflects the original native name for Antigua.

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