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Best of German Cars

When the sky is glowing
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BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes; Germany is famous for its cars who zip down the Autobahn - after all, the automobile was invented in Germany in 1886 by Carl Benz. Today, car enthusiasts will find many opportunities to celebrate the Auto in Germany: From car museums and car factory tours, to scenic drives, race tracks, and the Autobahn, here are the best places to enjoy the best of Germany's cars.

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BMW World Munich

Aerial view of Munich with BMW Headquarter
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For BMW fans, Munich offers no less than three points of interest, all in walking distance from each other: The BMW Museum, which traces back the history of the famous car; the architectural masterpiece "BMW World", which is the delivery center for BMWs and also houses exhibition halls, design ateliers, and workshops for kids; and of course the BMW plant itself, which offers fascinating tours: Put on your safety goggles and factory coats and watch how giant conveyors lift the 3-series BMW to be welded by computer-controlled robots.

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Volkswagen Factory Wolfsburg

VW Factory Germany
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The Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg prides itself in being the largest auto plant in the world. Its adjacent “Autostadt” (car city) is a theme park dedicated to the automobile and offers everything car enthusiasts of all ages dream about. There is a huge car museum, several pavilions dedicated to various VW models, driving courses for adults and kids, restaurants, a hotel, and of course the factory itself, which offers interesting tours. Another highlight: Embark on a glass elevator which takes you to the top of the 160 feet high glass Car Tower; they hold up to 800 custom-ordered cars, which are picked up by their buyers fresh from the factory.

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Racetrack Nuerburgring

Pit crew ready for formula one race car in pit stop
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If you love speed, head to Germany’s most famous racetrack, the Nuerburgring; established in 1927, it has been regarded as the toughest Grand Prix circuit of all. The “Ring” home of the Formula 1 world championships, offers plenty of opportunity for Michael Schumacher fans to experience the thrill of racing first hand. You can drive laps in your own car, hop on a speedy BMW Ring Taxi, visit an interactive exhibition, or take safety-driving classes. There are even two hotels overlooking the start and finish line of the race track.

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Scenic Drives in Germany

Briedern, Moselle river, Germany.
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If prefer love a slower pace, then make the journey your reward and take a road trip. Germany offers many scenic drives and themed roads that will lead you past quaint villages, medieval castles, and unspoiled countryside. From the Romantic Road, and the Castle Road, to the Fairy Tale Road, and the Wine Route, check out the roads best traveled in Germany.

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Trabi Sightseeing

trabant, car from GDR, built 1986
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The last new “Trabi”, the car produced in the former GDR, hit the road in 1991, but the vehicle has gained cult status in Germany ever since; although the Trabi is neither fast nor efficient, the cute car has sentimental value and is a powerful symbol of a time gone-by. Most Trabis, which have plastic shells and smoky two-stroke engines, disappeared from Germany’s streets, but you can still experience the Trabi on special sightseeing tours in Berlin, where you can get behind the wheel of the cult car yourself.

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Renting a Car in Germany

When the sky is glowing
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Do you want to rent a car and fly down the German Autobahn? Check out our tips and find helpful information to get the best rental car for your trip through Germany.

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Frankfurt International Motor Show

Volkswagen exposition on the motor show
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The International Motor Show, which takes place in Frankfurt every other year, showcases the latest, fastest, and most sustainable in auto technology. Visitors can not only marvel at the displayed cars, but also get behind the wheels during free test runs on Frankfurt’s roads, including the Autobahn. For more hands-on experience, the Motor Show also features an outdoor go-kart track, off-road courses, and eco-training classes.

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Driving Tips in Germany

Night Rush
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Find out how to make the most out of your drive and stay safe on Germany’s streets: Here are the most important rules of the road, as well as tips on how to navigate the German Autobahn.