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Cape Charles Cottages offers users a variety of different rental options along with a plethora of amenities available for each separate rental. Offering destinations in Cape Charles Virginia and Eastville Virginia, Cape Charles Cottages accommodates all sizes of families and offers customers rentals that vary from one bedroom to six bedrooms. Offering twenty different rental options, Cape Charles Cottages provides beautiful homes and cottages for tourists wishing to stay on Virginia's eastern shore.

Renting a vacation home on the shore seems like a rite of passage for many vacationers every year. I know that this is something that my family has done for years. We love hitting the beach and want to do it in nothing other than a vacation rental. There are a myriad of amazing vacation rentals along the East Coast of the United States and Virginia certainly does not disappoint.

Cape Charles Cottages homes
Some homes offer a variety of different amenities including but not limited to; a pool, a golf course, fireplace, closeness to town, wheelchair accessibility, central air, fitness center, a full kitchen, and a garage. There are some larger rentals available that include extra room if the guest requires multiple cars. Some rentals even have larger areas available for boats that the guests may want to bring.

The area around Cape Charles Cottages
The closeness of Cape Charles Cottages to the Chesapeake bay area provides guests with sunshine and a cool breeze from the bay. The public beaches provide guests with ample sand to relax on and enjoy their leisure time. This makes is such a good vacation choice.

Booking your next rental with Cape Charles Cottages

Rentals are available to customers weekly and the prices vary depending on the week and the size of the house. The vacation dates may also effect the price of the rental, as well. A calendar is provided for customers on the website stating all of the available dates for specific rentals and the possible price range for that time period. The customer must ask the renter for a quote for the requested dates on the website after filling the calendar with the projected stay dates.
When completing booking, guests must specify the number of guests projected to stay in the rental and if any children are planning on staying in the cottage. Staying for an extended period of time may result in a discounted price for some rentals. The customer also has the option of purchasing a damage protection plan for their rental in case any harm comes to the property. A security deposit for the rental may be required depending on the rental and the renters. Each rental also comes with a designated payment scheduling plan for the renter allowing them ample time to pay the security deposit as well as the non-refundable initial payment.

Interested in buying at Cape Charles Cottages?
For serious long term buyers, it is possible for the customer to gain further real estate information to assist them in their home buying decision. If a Chesapeake Bay area home owner wishes to list their home on the website, it is possible for them to contact the real estate agent's office for more information regarding that topic.

Contacting Cape Charles Cottages
For customers who feel better communicating over the phone, a hotline phone number to reach a vacation specialist is available during working hours to assist customers with any questions that may arise during the buying or renting process. The homeowner of the rental will be contacted through the website telling them of the requested dates and telling them more information on the potential renter including their name, contact information, and the purchase price of the home.

You can simply choose to hang out on the beach and relax or you can peruse their Things to Do in the Chesapeake bay area to find some fun shopping entertainment options. No matter what you do, you will find Cape Charles Cottages to be accommodating.

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