Canvas Camping Tent Buyer's Guide

How to Buy a Canvas Camping Tent and Top Picks

Shopping for a new canvas camping tent? Canvas tents have been around since before they started making tents out of nylon, polyester and other synthetic materials. I own two canvas tents myself, both a Kodiak and a Springbar. They are both great tents. There aren't many canvas tent makers anymore. If you're interested in a canvas tent, read the reviews and compare prices for these canvas tents from Cabela's, Kodiak, Springbar and Trek.

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    Cabela's Canvas Tent
    ••• Cabela's Canvas Tent. photo courtesy Pricegrabber

    These tents are often used by hunters as a base camp. Available in 5 different sizes. Equipped to safely accommodate a heating or cooking stove. (Made by Montana, see below.)

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    Guide Gear Canvas Tent
    ••• Guide Gear Canvas Tent. photo courtesy Pricegrabber

    Popular with outfitters, this tent offers roominess and weather protection.

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    Kodiak Canvas Tent Model 6010
    ••• Kodiak Canvas Tent Model 6010. photo © David Sweet lic. to Inc.

    This tent is for family campers who want a heavy duty tent that they can rely on to keep them dry from the rain and stand up in the wind.

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    Magnum Canvas Tent
    ••• Magnum Canvas Tent. photo courtesy Pricegrabber

    Magnum makes several sizes of canvas tent. All are large, with big rear windows, but no floor.

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    Montana Canvas Wall Tent
    ••• Montana Canvas Wall Tent. photo courtesy Montana Canvas

    These tents are what cowboys return to at the end of a day on the range. Large and roomy, with stove jacks in all models. Sold by Cabela's as Outfitter's Canvas Wall Tents.

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    Springbar 7x10 Campsite canvas tent
    ••• Springbar 7x10 Campsite canvas tent. photo © David Sweet lic. to Inc.

    The Springbar Campsite canvas tent is the perfect car camping tent for two campers. It's well constructed and uses quality materials. One person can set it up in less than 15 minutes. You can stand up in this tent, and there's room to spare for two sleeping adults.

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    Trek Canvas Tent
    ••• Trek Canvas Tent. photo courtesy Pricegrabber

    These tents are big, and they're typically used for a base camp. Available in 3 sizes: 9x12, 10x14, 10x16.