Canvas Camping Tent Buyer's Guide

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If you're thinking about buying a tent, you should consider the pros and cons of canvas vs. nylon, polyester, and other synthetic materials. Besides possibly being nostalgic because your first camping experiences as a kid were in a canvas tent, there are several benefits to canvas: It's more durable than nylon and other synthetics, and tears can be more easily repaired if they do occur. So if you are planning on being out in the wild for a long time, the canvas is a good bet.

Canvas tents also generally have more room inside and often allow you to stand up, depending on the design. If you are going to be camping in the winter, the canvas is definitely a better bet than nylon and other synthetics since it keeps you a lot warmer, no matter the weather.

The downsides are that a canvas tent weighs significantly more than nylon, and it also costs a lot more. This is somewhat balanced out by the fact that it is likely to last longer than a tent made of a synthetic material.

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Cabela's Outfitter Canvas Wall Tents

Cabela's Canvas Tent

Cabela's wall tents are often used by hunters as a base camp. They are fire-retardant and water- and mildew-resistant. These tents, which are available in five sizes, come with a bug screen, storm flap, and 7.5-foot doors. You can safely use a heating or cooking stove in these tents, too.

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Gear Guide Canvas Tent

Guide Gear Canvas Tent

Popular with outfitters, the Gear Guide canvas tent offers both roominess and weather protection. This tent has a peaked roof that is over 8 feet tall and tons of room to walk around, sleep, and lounge.

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Kodiak Deluxe Flex-Bow 8-Person Canvas Tent

Kodiak Canvas Tent Model 6010
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This tent is for family campers who want a heavy-duty tent that they can rely on to keep them dry from the rain and stand up in the wind. The ceiling tops 6 feet, and it has four large windows complete with screens made of no-see-um mesh.

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Magnum Canvas Wall Tents

Magnum Canvas Tent

Magnum makes several sizes of a canvas tent. All are large with big rear windows but no floor. They are made from double-fill Army duck canvas and are extremely durable. These tents are fire-, water- and mildew-resistant and have enough room for two to four people.

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Montana Canvas Wall Tents

Montana Canvas Wall Tent
Montana Canvas

These tents are what cowboys return to at the end of a day on the range. They are large and roomy, and all models come with stove jacks.

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Springbar Campsite Canvas Tent

Springbar 7x10 Campsite canvas tent
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The Springbar Campsite canvas tent is the perfect car-camping tent for two campers. It's well-made of quality materials. One person can set it up in less than 15 minutes. You can stand up in this tent, and there's room to spare for two sleeping adults.

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Trek Canvas Tents

Trek Canvas Tent

Trek canvas tents are big, and they're typically used for a base camp. Trek makes a three-room tent that sleeps 10 and has zippered dividing curtains for privacy. This tent also has a front and back screen door and four screen windows. This is a great choice for a large family camping trip.

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