3 Can't-Miss State Parks in Georgia

Admire Powerful Waterfalls and Jagged Canyons

Spectacular gorges, whitewater rapids, and multi-colored canyons make Georgia's state parks some of the country's most mesmerizing. Although the state claims nearly 50 state parks, your best bet is to start exploring in these three beauties—just don't forget your hiking boots. 

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Cloudland Canyon State Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park
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One of Georgia's most scenic state parks, Cloudland Canyon is a mecca for hikers and campers. Located on the edge of Lookout Mountain, the park offers a rim trail, backcountry trail, and tough climb into the 1,980-foot canyon. Camping, cottages, picnicking, swimming and tennis courts are available, with exceptional caving nearby. 

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Tallulah Gorge State Park

Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia
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One of the most spectacular gorges in the Southeast, Tallulah Gorge has a rich history and rugged beauty that draws visitors from around the world. Scenic hiking and biking trails and an excellent Interpretive Center are open year-round. During certain times of the year, kayakers may brave rapids produced when Georgia Power Co. opens its dam, releasing thunderous rapids through the canyon. 

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Providence Canyon State Park

Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia
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 Known as Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon," this geological wonder features beautiful hues of orange, pink, purple and white in its soil layers. A newly renovated Interpretive Center explains how the beautiful canyon was caused by poor farming practices in the 1800s. A backpacking trail is available for hikers, and a developed campground and cottages are located at nearby Florence Marina State Park.

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