Canadian Thanksgiving: Quebec's Action de Grâce

Canadian Thanksgiving in the Province of Quebec and the City of Montreal

Every year, Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday of October –in 2018, Canadian Thanksgiving is on October 8, 2018–  weeks ahead of American Thanksgiving and with significantly less fanfare.

Yes, Canada enjoys its turkey dinner and family reunions, but the holiday itself is comparably lower-key than what's observed south of the border and Canadians most definitely do not observe anything like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping sprees its southern neighbors flock to, though select Canadian retailers and manufacturers have, in recent years, mirrored American Black Friday sales with discounts of their own, albeit more so in concert with American Thanksgiving dates.

And in Quebec, it's not called Thanksgiving at all. Rather, the second Monday of October in Quebec is action de grâce*. Translated literally, it means "action of grace." 

*How to pronounce action de grâce? It sounds a little bit like "axsyoan de grahss" with a subtle, almost silent N.