Canada Wants to Give You $20,000 to Visit Its National Parks

We knew they were nice, but this is next level

Canada, Alberta, Banff National Park
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As if we needed more evidence that Canadians are really nice people, the country has again proven that this stereotype is based on truth. The Great White North announced this week that it is extending an invite to its American neighbors to visit its national parks—and sweetening the deal with a very generous offer.

Between July 6 and July 31, Americans can enter the Canada Refresh sweepstakes. One lucky winner will walk away with a $20,000 trip that the country calls a "dream nature sabbatical." They can explore Canada's many beautiful national parks, which provide significant mental health and wellness benefits.

"I'm excited that so many Americans will get to experience the incredible natural environment of Canada," said Dr. Melissa Lem, director of PaRx, an initiative of the BC Parks Foundation. "Research demonstrates the wide-ranging health benefits of increased nature contact, and I am proud to support the Canada Refresh program in bringing a healthy and restorative experience to so many people."

The trip will include flights, transportation, accommodation, and more curated by travel experts Canada By Design. You'll also score $2,500 worth of gear from Canadian outfitters like Monos and Arc'teryx and $2,500 to spend on food and incidentals.

The sweepstakes is part of Destination Canada's "Refresh Your View" campaign, which works to highlight Canada's iconic destinations, expanding American travelers' knowledge of the fantastic outdoor experiences available in Canada.

"We're next-door neighbors, and we want to welcome back our American friends with access to places we know will lift their spirits and send them home with more than just a memory, with that good feeling you get after spending time at an old friends' home," said Gloria Loree, senior vice president, marketing strategy and chief Marketing Officer, Destination Canada. 

All you have to do for a chance to win is head to the Canada Refresh sweepstakes page and tell Destination Canada how you plan to spend your time in Canadian nature.

And if you don't win? Not a problem, eh. Four thousand runners-up will receive a Parks Canada Discovery Pass, which grants unlimited admission to over 80 Parks Canada destinations.

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