November in Canada: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

If You Pack Correctly, You Can Enjoy Your Time Well

Highrise Living and Rooftop Gardens False Creek Vancouver
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The Canadian ski season is not fully underway in November but the cold weather probably has arrived. Travelers to Canada in November can take advantage of lots of low-travel-season deals with great airfare and hotel packages and fewer crowds for attractions.

If you pack the appropriate attire, then you can still enjoy city walking and the outdoor activities that Canada has to offer in November.

Canada Weather in November

Canada is a very large country—3.8 million square miles.

There is a vast difference in weather and climate throughout the country, which is the second largest country in the world (by area). But, if you know where in Canada you are going, for example, major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, then you can get a better picture as to the temperatures and weather to expect. For example, Vancouver is the warmest major city with highs in the 40s F. Meanwhile, the Northwest Territory records some of the lowest temperatures in the country; its high averages about 14 F.

City/Province or TerritoryAverage Low TempAverage High Temp
Vancouver, British Columbia37 F48 F
Edmonton, Alberta14 F32 F
Yellowknife, Northwest Territory0 F14 F
Inukjuak, Nunavut16 F27 F
Winnipeg, Manitoba18 F32 F
Ottawa, Ontario28 F41 F
Toronto, Ontario32 F45 F
Montreal, Quebec30 F 41 F
Halifax, Nova Scotia32 F45 F
St. John's, Newfoundland32 F 43 F

What to Pack

Since winter is around the corner, Canada is starting to have some freezing cold days.

No matter what part you travel to, you will want to bring warm, waterproof clothing including sweaters, hoodies, light jackets, and a heavier coat or jacket. For the colder cities, you will want to layer your clothes to give you versatility when you go to restaurants or visit museums or other indoor attractions.

You will need gloves, a hat, and a scarf. Bring closed-toe shoes and boots. Don't forget an umbrella (especially if you plan on visiting Vancouver, which is at its rainiest).

November Events in Canada

Most events and activities start heading indoors in November. Although, if you do attend an outdoor event or plan to go skiing, then plan your attire accordingly. 

  • Ottawa Food and Wine Show: Usually the first week in November, Ottawa, Ontario, hosts a two-day Ottawa Food and Wine Show, which includes pouring more than 1,400 wines and spirits. The show is enjoyed by up to 25,000 wine and food enthusiasts.

November Travel Tips

  • Canada observes Remembrance Day, which is similar to Memorial Day in the U.S., on November 11. School, bank, and government closures vary by province or territory. In Ontario and Quebec, November 11 is not a general holiday, but in the West and in the maritime provinces it is. Best bet is to call ahead to any banks or government offices if you are planning a visit.
  • Daylight Savings Time goes into effect the first Sunday of November. At 2 a.m. on that first Sunday, clocks are turned back one hour to 1 a.m. local standard time.
  • Canada has its own currency—the Canadian dollar—however in border towns and at major tourist attractions (like Niagara Falls) U.S. currency may be accepted; it is at the discretion of the proprietor. When in doubt, use a major credit card, which is widely accepted throughout the country.
  • If your trip spans from the end of October into November or is at the tail end of the month with part of your trip in December, there are plenty of activities in those months, too.