Weather and Events in Canada in March

What to Wear and What to See

Gaspereaux nets, West River, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Barrett MacKay / Getty Images

In March in Canada the weather is still cold but if you are prepared and have packed appropriately, you can enjoy the many winter activities and festivals that take place during the Canadian winter. However, do not underestimate how cold it gets; if you do not have the proper outerwear, including warm, waterproof boots, you will need them.

Events by Canadian City

If you are planning a trip to Canada, then you most likely know where you are going or at least what you might want to see.

If not, learn more about the annual events in March, including St. Patrick's Day festivities, that might be going on in certain Canadian cities. 


Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of the warmer areas of Canada in March. The average high temperature is about 55 degrees. Vancouver, similar to other Pacific Northwest cities like San Francisco and Seattle, is known for being a rainy city. With spring around the corner, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and Canadian culture festival, Festival du Bois, are worth a visit in March.


In March, Toronto, Ontario, has several events that draw people from all over, namely those that are botanical in nature celebrating flowers and maple trees. You might want to check out Canada Blooms: The Toronto Flower & Garden Show or one of the many maple syrup festivals going on just outside of Toronto.


By most standards, Montreal is very cold in March.

The average high is about 36 degrees with lows at about 21 degrees. Some things to check out during the month in Montreal include the Montreal High Lights Festival, the St. Patrick's Day Parade, and the International Festival of Films on Art.

Best Bets

The best thing about travel to Canada in March are the travel bargains.

You can usually find lower than usual airfares and hotel prices unless you are planning to travel during March Break. March Break is the week in March when school is out and families tend to travel, especially to ski resorts. For example, Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls will most likely be busy during March Break. 

Some of the best skiing in the world can be found in Whistler in British Columbia, Banff in Alberta, and the mountains in Quebec. Ski season in Canada is well underway with a lot of post-Christmas and New Year's specials. 

Maple syrup is a North American product. A vast majority of the world's supply comes Quebec. The maple syrup season begins as the weather starts to warm up, usually in March and April. There are a number of maple syrup festivals in OntarioQuebec, and some maritime provinces.

Average Temperatures

The west coast cities of Vancouver and Victoria usually have the best temperatures in March. Meanwhile, Nunavut, the largest and most northern territory of Canada is coldest and snowiest in March.

Province/TerritoryTemperatures (low/high)
Vancouver, British Columbia41 degrees/55 degrees
Edmonton, Alberta19 degrees/34 degrees
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories-11 degrees/10 degrees
Iqaluit, Nunavut-17 degrees/0 degrees
Winnipeg, Manitoba12 degrees/30 degrees
Ottawa, Ontario21 degrees/36 degrees
Toronto, Ontario25 degrees/39 degrees
Montréal, Quebec21 degrees/36 degrees
Halifax, Nova Scotia23 degrees/37 degrees
St. John's, Newfoundland23 degrees/34 degrees