Canada Line & SkyTrain

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Vancouver, BC has an easy to use rapid transit system (metro) for residents and visitors called the Canada Line / SkyTrain.

The Canada Line is a (mostly) underground rapid transit train that runs north-south, connecting Downtown Vancouver to the Vancouver International Airport and Richmond, BC. The SkyTrain is an elevated train (hence the name) that runs northwest-southeast, connecting Downtown Vancouver to East Vancouver, Burnaby, BC, and Surrey, BC.

Both the Canada Line and the SkyTrain are run by Translink, the public transportation organization in Metro Vancouver. Translink also runs all Metro Vancouver buses and seabuses. You can find Canada Line and SkyTrain departure and arrival times, as well as information on tickets, at the official Translink website.

Buying Tickets

There are ticket machines inside all Canada Line / SkyTrain stations where you can purchase a ticket using cash, debit or credit cards. When you buy your ticket, the machine will ask your destination, to determine if you pay for "one zone," "two zones" or "three zones" (i.e., is your destination within one zone or two).

Schedules and Maps

Unfortunately, there is no Translink app. But, you can use their mobile-version website on your phone to check Canada Line / SkyTrain schedules and maps. Maps of all Canada Line /SkyTrain routes and stations are also posted in every station, as well as inside every train.

Attractions Near Canada Line Stations

Exploring Vancouver by Canada Line is fast, inexpensive (you don't have to pay for parking) and easy. 

Attractions Near SkyTrain Stations

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