Canada Labour Day Weekend in Montreal: 2017 Edition

Where to Go and What to Do Canada Labour Day Weekend 2017 in Montreal

Canada Labour Day weekend in Montreal as well as in the province of Quebec as a whole is rife with business closures, countryside getaways and a collective lamentation over the symbolic end of summer, which coincides with the first Monday of every September across Canada as well as the United States. ​In 2017, Labour Day falls on Monday, September 4, 2017.

In spite of this nationwide sigh, it seems rather obvious when consulting historical weather data that summer in Montreal typically stretches on for at least another three weeks but my party pooper peers say otherwise and thus take their statutory holiday very seriously across Canada. In honor of them, I took this guide to Canada Labour Day Weekend in Montreal just as seriously.

Filled with activities galore, my Labour Day weekend suggestions feature a slew of outdoor options and some indoor contingency plans in case of rain. I also put together the most complete list you will find of what's open and closed Canada Labour Day Weekend in Montreal since by virtue of the holiday's statutory status, many businesses and retailers are legally obliged to restrict operations.

Finally, ever wonder about the origins of Labour Day weekend? Former Liberal Arts professor William Harris did. He even summarized the historical roots of this holiday commemorating workers' rights on the network, revealing background information that most of us ignore. Check it out below.