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Get Vacation Ideas for Visiting Canada in Fall

Killarney Lake
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Canada is a popular tourist destination in the fall in large part due to the changing colours of the leaves, cooler temperatures and fewer crowds. 

Though the fall foliage is most spectacular in the more eastern regions of the country, British Columbia and Alberta remain popular at this time of year because many of these provinces' outdoor activities and beautiful scenery, which can be enjoyed in cooler temperatures.

Many seasonal activities, such as theme parks, campgrounds or outdoor tourist attractions like whale watching excursions or the Niagara Falls Hornblower boat cruise (formerly Maid of the Mist) remain open through October, so there is still plenty of activities to fill an itinerary. 

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    What's the weather like in Canada in fall?

    Supreme Court of Canada, autumn
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    As in any other season, the weather in Canada varies depending on where in Canada you are. Western Canada has a temperate climate, with Vancouver's rain slowing down to make September one of the city's least rainy months. Temperatures in eastern Canada dip lower and earlier in the season bringing the first snow flurries usually in November and more substantial snowfalls in December.

    Temperatures in British Columbia in fall see highs of 12 ºC most places. By November, storm season has kicked into full gear on the west coast. Check out the Wickinninish Inn for cosy storm watching. The Vancouver Island Mountains usually receive some snowfall by mid-November.

    Moving east, the temperatures can be radically different from one year to the next, but the mercury doesn't usually dip below zero until November. The season can be rainy as well. Evenings can be very chilly. Tourists generally under pack for the cold weather....just saying. 

    See more specific temperatures and packing...MORE suggestions:

    City-specific weather and temperature guides:

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    What activities are popular in Canada in fall?

    Pumpkins on display, Keremeos, British Columbia, Canada.
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    "Leaf peeping" is a popular fall pastime in eastern Canada. Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes offer some of the best places to see fall foliage.

    Fall fairs and festivals are widespread across Canada September to November. Local fall fairs will include carnival-like rides, tractor rides, pumpkin carving and other contests. Many regions also celebrate with food and wine festivals.

    Wine touring is still in full swing and visitors can enjoy the range of white, red and ice wines available for tasting and purchasing at any of the many wine regions that dot the country. 

    From football watching to fine wine tasting, here are 8 quintessentially Canadian things to do in the fall

    Corn mazes and pumpkin festivals are two of the season's most popular activities. 

    September and October are wonderful times to get away from it all and commune with nature. There is no shortage of lodges and resorts set in pristine locations where you can take in the beauty of the season: Resorts that Are...MORE Absolutely Amazing in Fall. 

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    What are Canada's biggest fall-time festivals?

    Saanich Fall Fair on the Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
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    Good to Know

    Thanksgiving dinner
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    On the first Sunday of November, the clock turns back one hour in observance of Daylight Savings Time as in many parts of the world, including the U.S.

    The second Monday of October is Canadian Thanksgiving. Most of the country takes a day off and it is a popular time for travel.