Vaccinated U.S. Citizens Can Likely Travel to Canada Soon

The good news comes just in time for summer in the north

Quebec City skyline

Getty Images / Filippo Bacci

As summer descends upon us, and with it a marked increase in travel both domestic and international, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is preparing to ease travel restrictions along the country's border for travelers who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to a report from Bloomberg, while the current 14-day quarantine period will be loosened, travelers who have had their full two doses and plan to enter Canada will still need to be tested for the virus and potentially quarantine for a short period of time.

Though the new regulations are expected to be formally announced within days, several major details remain unknown, such as when eased restrictions will be implemented, as well as whether or not it will apply to non-U.S. citizens traveling to Canada. With a nonessential travel pact renewal planned for June 21, an easement in travel restrictions between the U.S. and Canadian borders could majorly impact land and air traffic in the coming months and, of course, the tourism industry. 

Any changes to the current travel regulations and restrictions would be a part of a phased reopening based on a decrease in cases in both Canada and the U.S. Active cases are on the rapid decline in both countries, and just over 60 percent of Canadians have received their first shot.

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