28 Camping Recipes for Kids

Our most popular and fun recipes for kids and the family

Cooking at the campground is simple and delicious with a few camping food essentials.
••• Cooking at the campground is simple and delicious with a few camping food essentials. Morsa Images / Getty Images

A camping trip with your kids requires good meal planning so that you don't pack more than you really need. Most importantly, you want to take foods that the kids will eat and enjoy. Nobody knows better than parents what their kids will eat, so check out some of these popular recipes submitted by parents. The best recipes for kids include blueberry pancakes, Dogs in Sleeping Bags, Porcupine Stew, Mud Potatoes, Dirt Dessert, and Classic Campfire S'Mores.

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    Man grilling dinner for family on beach.
    ••• Camp Kabobs are a family favorite camping recipe. Klaus Tiedge/Getty Images

    Camp Kabobs are easy and mess free. The kids like eating them too, because they're fun to eat. Bake potatoes directly in the fire, add some bread and you've got a meal.

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    Breakfast Sandwiches

    A hot ham, egg, and cheese, sandwich, grilled in a pie iron over the fire.
    ••• A hot ham, egg, and cheese sandwich, grilled in a pie iron over the fire. Marie O/EyeEm EyeEm/Getty Images

    These are delicious to start your day! We also make them as "pies" with canned pie filling, cinnamon and sugar in the middle, topped with cream cheese. Try ham and Swiss cheese, tuna and cheese, pastrami on rye, pizzas (pizza sauce, pepperoni, sausage, and mozzarella) - the sky's the limit on what you can come up with!

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    Blueberry Maple Pancakes

    Pancakes with berries on plate
    ••• Johner Images / Getty Images

    Pancakes are a popular campsite breakfast. This is one of my favorite versions, which goes great with bacon or sausage. You'll need a 2-burner stove, a small pot, and either a big frying pan or a stove-top griddle.

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    Camp Stuff

    Family Camping in the Shasta Cascade region.
    ••• Family camping in the Shasta Cascade region. Dan Gamel/Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association

    This recipe was discovered on a long cross-country trip with my family many years ago, thus the name: Camp Stuff. We were almost done with our trip, and I still had these ingredients left over. So, in an attempt to fix a nice meal without wasting food, I combined everything to make a great dinner for all of us. It is very filling and will feed the neighbors if they stop by to visit. The flavors all mix well together, and the kids love it.

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    Camp Style Italian Meatball Stew

    I always try to come up with new and exciting dishes while camping to get away from the normal hamburgers and hot dogs. I made this meal on our last camping trip and surprisingly it was delicious. I served with new potatoes and corn on the cob, both cooked in foil packs, along with pre-buttered garlic bread you buy at the store that is in a foil wrap. It was a very filling meal that my husband and kids enjoyed.

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    Campfire Corn on the Cob

    Corncobs On Barbecue
    ••• Deasy Buwana / EyeEm / Getty Images

    My kids love this recipe when we go camping. It is so easy and the corn will be really tender. It is a cheap and easy side dish for a campfire meal. 

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    Campfire Eggs

    Eggs cooking over a campfire
    ••• Getty Images

    Our family doesn't think a camping trip is complete without at least one breakfast of campfire eggs, even the kids who don't eat eggs at home. 

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    Campfire Pizza

    Pizza on grill with vegetables
    ••• Brian Leatart / Getty Images

    This is a Weight Watchers recipe for the oven, but friends tried on it on a campfire and it was yummy. This makes a good treat, and it's something that the kids could do.

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    Cheese Crisps

    Both kids and adults will like this one, and it's simple to make. The only things that need cleaning up afterward are the skillet and your fingers.

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    Dirt Dessert

    Kids love this stuff.
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    Dogs in Sleeping Bags

    This makes a nice lunch, and kids will enjoy helping prepare and cook it. Refrigerated bread or pizza dough is available in most supermarket bakery sections, or you can make your own with a breadmaker. I used a whole wheat recipe, but feel free to experiment with your own favorite. Since the cooking times over coals can vary so much, it may be wise to check after about 20 minutes. When the buns are golden brown, they're done.

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    Easy Chili

    Campfire chili
    ••• Lauri Patterson/Getty Images

    We frequently make this recipe over our campfire; it's great on a chilly night in Maine! Sometimes I bring a ​Ziploc bag of already cooked rice or pasta in our cooler and serve this chili over it. The cold pasta is warmed up by the hot chili! It's also great as is with crusty bread. Our three kids love this recipe.

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    Frito Pies

    A quick snack for kids, young and old.

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    Graham Treats

    Here's a simple treat that the kids will love. These can be messy in hot weather, so be ready to lick some fingers.

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    S'mores over campfire
    ••• Make fresh bread over the campfire in a Dutch oven or coffee can. Henn Photography/Getty Images
    This is an extremely easy recipe that the kids and adults enjoy making as much as eating.
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    My kids and husband rave about these. They're quick and easy and are a very tasty and healthy break from the traditional hamburger-on-a-bun thing.

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    Hamburger Foil Dinners

    foil wrapped hobo packs campfire
    ••• Foil wrapped hobo packs are a quick and easy camping meal. Nicolas Kipourax Paquet/Getty Images

    This recipe is wonderful because the cleanup is little. You can add what one person likes and omit what another dislikes. This was always one of our favorites when I was a kid because mom always just cut up the potatoes and onions and we put it together ourselves.

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    Kid's Favorite Foil Dinner

    My kids, now grown (21 and 24 ), still ask if we are going to have this when we go camping.

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    Macaroni and Cheese

    If you're camping with kids, this dish is sure to be a hit.

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    Machaca Roast Beef

    Kids love it and it's so easy. I cook and freeze my meat before leaving home. It will hold for a couple of days in a good ice chest before thawing out.

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    This is a favorite of my kids and so easy to do.

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    This is a very good and simple recipe, and it can even be done on an individual basis. After making the batch, you can let your kids design their own and wrap them individually for a little extra activity time.

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    I found this recipe in a magazine. Kids had a good time doing this. I find if you turn the potatoes throughout the cooking time, there is less chance for burn spots. They are good.

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    Kids love this dessert. Modify it by taking away or adding what they like or don't like.

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    Boy holding a s'more
    ••• Angelo DeSantis / Getty Images

    Try this classic camping treat. This one will be enjoyed by kids, both big and small.

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    Porcupine Stew

    My kids love this recipe. It can be cooked on the Coleman stove or over coals. You can also substitute instant rice and broth for water and Rice-A-Roni.

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    Spiders (Hot Dogs)

    I don't know where my mom came up with these, but I have enjoyed them since I was little. They are great to do before s'mores, then you know that the kids have had something other than sugar before bed. I did these at a Church campout and the kids were just amazed.

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    Stuffed French Toast

    This is delicious with any kind of fruit, but my kids like it with bananas the best.


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