Camping Breakfast Recipes for the Campground

Try one of our most popular camping breakfast recipes.

Ziploc recipes
••• Breakfast omelettes are a delicious breakfast for the campground. Stephan Hsck / STOCK4B for Getty Images

Start your day in the great outdoors with a healthy and tasty camping breakfast. Our favorite breakfast recipes are easy and delicious. From Ziploc omelets to Belgian-style waffles, Guiness cakes, and breakfast burritos, these recipes will fuel even the hungriest of campers. 

Bacon and Eggs in a Pita Pocket
A camping recipe from Salem. This is an excellent new way to enjoy breakfast.

Bean and Egg Burritos
A camping recipe from Andrea Ekeberg.

We eat this all the time - at home, when camping, at relatives, even at a hotel. It is filling and super-easy.

Belgian-Style Waffles
A camping recipe from Cheryl. These waffles require a little work to make, but they are delicious.

Best Broccoli Omelet
A camping recipe from Phyllis DeMarco. I have been camping for many years and this is the most asked for recipe by my two boys.

Blueberry Maple Pancakes
A camping recipe from David. Pancakes are a popular campsite breakfast. This is one of my favorite versions, which goes great with bacon or sausage.

Boatin Hillbilly Trash Breakfast
A camping recipe from Pat Frain. This is so easy to make, and you can add whatever you want, and clean up is easy. I made this up last summer and the marina that we keep our boat at and my other boating friends just love it.

Bread Pudding Muffins
A camping recipe from Sherry. This recipe uses a classic scouting invention, the box oven.

Visit the MacScouter Web site for instructions on how to build and use several box oven designs.

Breakfast Biscuits
A camping recipe from domsmum. I make these every time we go camping. It is a filling breakfast that only takes a few minutes to make, and clean-up is quick, which is essential to my camping recipes.

Breakfast Burritos
A camping recipe from Darla. Make sure all sides are folded in before grilling. Very easy to pick up and eat without dishes.

Breakfast Sandwiches
A camping recipe from Joy. These are delicious to start your day. We also make them as pies with canned pie filling, cinnamon and sugar in the middle, topped with cream cheese. Try ham and Swiss cheese, tuna and cheese, pastrami on rye, pizzas (pizza sauce, pepperoni, sausage and mozzarella) - the sky is the limit on what you can come up with.

Breakfast Soup for Southerners
A camping recipe from Dave. This is ideal for a two breakfast trip, just prepare a pound of bacon before you leave home. It is very good and so quick to make that you can get on with your daily activities quickly.

Breakfast in a Wrap
A camping recipe from Carol Horner. It is very good. We make it whenever we camp.

Bush Eggs
A camping recipe from Danica. This recipe is simple and quick, and the kids still eat them to this day.

Buttermilk Pancakes
These buttermilk pancakes are so easy. Simply use just-add-water pancake mix and use buttermilk instead of water.

Cajun Yellow Rice
A camping recipe from Robert Partigianoni. You will find that this simple breakfast meal will become the all time favorite.

Very few breakfast dishes will have the flavor of this meal. This is a meal within itself, or it can be served using smaller portions as a side dish to any meal that you would serve rice.

Campfire Eggs
A camping recipe from Julie. Our family does not think a camping trip is complete without at least one breakfast of campfire eggs, even the kids who do not eat eggs at home.

Camping Eggs
A camping recipe from Pat. This is really easy and kids love it. You can get creative with the hole and make it heart shaped, diamond shaped, use your imagination. These are also known as Toad in a Hole.

Camping Slop
A camping recipe from Lisa. It's very good and easy. We eat it with salsa on it. My daughters gave it the name.

Cupcake Eggs
A camping recipe from Rivergal. This is a quick way to cook eggs and still have an extra pan for bacon or ham or griddle for pancakes or whatever.

Dutch Oven Biscuits
A camping recipe from David. Fill the campground with the smell of hot biscuits from the oven.

Dutch Oven Muffins
A camping recipe from David. What a great treat to go with a hot cup of coffee. And to think you can make these muffins right at your campsite.

Egg Slop
A camping recipe from Tim. This one is a must have for those days with a lot of time to cook. We rarely leave it out of our menu on our trips.

Egg and Chutney Sarnie
A camping recipe from voodoolynx. Can only be eaten when mild to moderately intoxicated. This is a legendary recipe from the BBC hit comedy Red Dwarf. Once bitten, forever smitten.

Eggs in a Hat
A camping recipe from Kym. This is one of our many camp concoctions that we have on almost every trip.

Eggs in an Orange
A camping recipe from Roxie. With this simple recipe, you have your serving of eggs and fruit. It gives an orange taste to the egg.

Elk Camp Breakfast
A camping recipe from Wayne. This traditional Dublin saturday night dish was usually served when the men came home from the pub and maybe with a bottle of stout brought home for her.

French Toast
A camping recipe from David. Try this breakfast classic at the campground. It is simple to make, and the kids will love it.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits
A camping recipe from Gabriella. Here is something simple for breakfast that does not require a lot of cleanup.

Green Eggs and Cheese
A camping recipe from Robyn Sleeper. We always used our last can of green beans, last eggs and last of the cheese, and any onion leftovers to lighten our pack loads and give us a hearty meal for the long trek home.

A camping recipe from Loni Andregg. The first time I made this for a campsite full of friends, they went nuts.

A camping recipe from Daria Holshouser. I came up with this simple breakfast about 10 years ago camping. The kids all looked at it the first time and went, What is this? I came up with the name Gunk because of how it looked, but how it tastes is the best.

Hash Mess with Eggs
A camping recipe from Julie Ann Craft. My three daughters named this recipe. It does not look too appetizing, but they love it.

Make Ahead Egg Bake
A camping recipe from Amy Mable. My husband loves this for breakfast. It is hearty and delicious, and you can add whatever you like in an omelet. I would not recommend cooking the cheese in the original baking - it hardens and is not really very good that way.

Mountain Man Breakfast
A camping recipe from Mountain Man. At the campground, prepare this recipe in a Dutch oven, then slice and serve it like quiche.

But it is better when prepared in your kitchen oven. Just mix it up and place in a large flat glass baking dish and bake at 350 for 15 minutes. It is really good and hardy, and you will absolutely get rave reviews.

One Pot
One Pot, a camping recipe from HappyCampr. This just came together one day when my husband and I wanted to finish up the food we had left on the last day of a camping trip. It has become our family favorite. I even make it at home on the stove.

Onion Or Orange Eggs
A camping recipe from canicani. This is a recipe that I picked up when I was a scout leader.

PNW Skillet Breakfast
A camping recipe from Martina. I usually serve this with either tortilla or pita pockets. Cook some bacon or sausage alongside, and you have quite the hearty camping breakfast.

Peach and Orange Danish Pancakes
A camping recipe from Stuart. This recipe is great for backpackers as it can be mostly pre-made at home and packed in a Ziploc bag.

A camping recipe from Dee. This meal uses only one frying pan for clean up.

Sausage and Corn Bread Bake
A camping recipe from Drew. Try substituting bacon for the sausage (even better - in addition to) and French bread chunks. I have added diced green peppers and skipped the potatoes.

Southwest Salsa Eggs
A camping recipe from Missy.

I have cooked something similar using grated cheese, chopped green peppers, and sliced mushrooms. Crumbled bacon or ground sausage would be good too.

Stuffed French Toast
Stuffed French Toast, a camping recipe from Sarah. This is delicious with any kind of fruit, but my kids like it with bananas the best.

Stuffed French Toast
A camping recipe from Shannon Schmutzok. A great variation of an old-time breakfast favorite.

Super Simple Breakfast Bagels
A camping recipe from Pat B. Make these by the campfire in just a couple minutes.

Ultimate Breakfast
A camping recipe from andrachel. This is a very hearty meal that will leave you full for hours. It is a favorite and must have meal for each trip that we are on. It is even better when you cook it in cast iron over the fire.