Camping At Bonnaroo : Tips And Tricks

Stab at Sleep via Creative Commons

This wonderful festival in rural Tennessee is celebrating its fifteenth birthday in 2016, and is welcoming some big names including Pearl Jam and Ellie Goulding, who are among the acts performing at this great festival. The large farm site has plenty of space for those who are going to be camping there, along with areas for RV parking and VIP options available too, so staying on the festival site has options for everyone. There are a few things that you can do to make sure your festival experience goes well, and planning things with the friends you will be going with beforehand will certainly help with this.


The Different Campground Packages


If you are traveling without a vehicle, then camping is included as a part of your general admission ticket, while those purchasing VIP passes will get preferential access to the nearest campgrounds, plus do not have to pay extra to bring a vehicle. The basic camping package means you bring your own tent, but in the Le Bon Tent area, you can rent a luxury two person tent for $2,150 with a queen bed or $2,195 for twin beds, while the standard tent rental is $1,495 for a two person tent or $1,650 for a four person tent.


There is also the option of renting a cabana with a patio and cooling units for two people for $3,450, which also comes with full bedding, power outlets for your gadgets and a great location. The top end of the accommodation packages on the campground is the RV rental, which is $4,550 for the weekend, and each one has a mini kitchen, bathroom and shower, along with air conditioning, and each RV has space to sleep up to six people.


The Car Camping Pass


This is one important thing to remember if you are bringing your vehicle and don't have VIP passes, as you will need to purchase a Car Camping Pass along with your general admission tickets, which comes in at $59.95 plus fees. This is an excellent reason to carpool with friends if you can, or to use one of the shuttle services from Nashville and Chatanooga.


Family And Tent-Only Camping Areas


Another incentive to avoid bringing your vehicle with you is that there are a few tent-only camping areas which are closer to the Centeroo festival hub, which means more a shorter walk to the festival stages. Those who are bringing children to this festival may want to seek out the Family Camping areas, which are a pleasant area with other families camping, which tends to have a slightly different atmosphere that provides a nicer family experience. There's no extra charge for camping here, just ask at the gate when you arrive.


Get There Early


If you are hoping to get a good spot and have a general admission pass, if you can get there on Wednesday night or early on Thursday, you may find some of the campgrounds near the stages are still available. The tent-only camping areas are also very desirable, but are first-come first-served, so the earlier you can get there the better your spot will be. Try to look for areas within reach of the bathroom areas, without being directly next to these high traffic areas.


Bring A Shelter To Place Over Your Tent


One of the big challenges in Tennessee during the summer is that it can get very warm, and your tent will soon start to become a sauna once the sun rises. If you can bring a shelter which you can erect over the tent, this will help to reduce the heat within the tent itself, while a slightly larger shelter will give you a nice area where you can relax outside the tent too. There are also cooling devices for tents which can help to give you a little respite, so although it adds weight to what you have to carry, it is certainly worth bringing it if you have one.


Essential Supplies To Bring With You


There are some supplies that you should definitely bring with you if you are traveling a vehicle, and several liters of water should definitely be on that list, as it gets hot in Tennessee at this time of year. Another festival trick is to bring your own toilet roll, as it is a challenge for the festival organizers to keep each cubicle stocked all the time, and it is best to have your own rather than being caught out. It is also worth bringing a flashlight with you, as getting around the site at night and falling into a tent isn't a good idea, while having a flag or balloon over your tent will be a great idea to help you find your tent when you are trying to get back at the end of the night.