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Until 2018, this rollercoaster at Disneyland was named California Screamin'. It appears to be a nostalgic wooden roller coaster, but underneath it's a modern steel coaster designed to elicit screams. You'll experience a 108-foot drop and a 360-degree loop. One of the most fun things about it is the takeoff. Instead of cranking the cars up to the top of a hill, they're accelerated from the start. 

None of that has changed when the Disneyland Resort's most challenging roller coaster changed to the Incredicoaster. What has changed is the ride's theme, which now follows the Incredibles family as they race to save baby Jack-Jack. The changes also include modified enclosures that allow more places for visuals.

Reviews of the Incredicoaster are mixed but many people say it's better at night. Complaints are that the track and cars are unchanged, it's not exciting enough, and that the Imagineers didn't take advantage of the theme.

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What You Need to Know

Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure
Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort
  • Location: Pixar Pier
  • Rating: ★★★★★
  • Restrictions: 48 in (122 cm)
  • Ride time: 4 minutes
  • Recommended for:  Anyone who likes roller coasters and meets the height restrictions
  • Fun factor: Moderate to high
  • Wait factor: High. Use a Fastpass to shorten your time in line, or try getting in line during the parades or evening shows. Child Swap is available. The ride has a Single Rider option that may help you get on faster. Cast members use single riders to fill in otherwise empty seats. If you're willing to split up from the rest of your group while riding, it can shorten your wait time significantly.
  • Fear factor: Medium
  • Herky-jerky factor: High. It's not for anyone with neck or back trouble, heart problems, or expectant mothers.
  • Nausea factor: Medium to high. The ride is smooth, and there's not a lot of side to side movement
  • Seating: 6 cars per train. Ride vehicles have two rows with two seats each, making a total of 24 seats per car. Each rider has a safety restraint that lowers from above. You step down to get in. 
  • Accessibility: You'll have to transfer from your wheelchair or ECV to the ride vehicle by yourself or with help from your traveling companions. Enter with everyone else, then go to the elevator and ask a cast member how to board. Service animals are not allowed.
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How to Have More Fun

California Screamin'
Betsy Malloy Photography
  • This fast-paced, twisting, turning ride turns you upside down for a moment.
  • Put away your glasses and hat before you ride, or you may lose them. And don't end up being that embarrassed person whose bag falls out of the car and forces an automatic shutoff. That actually happened in August 2016, and riders ended up stranded for about 45 minutes as a result.
  • To get more fun out of the loop, don't close your eyes. Instead, look out over Pixar Pier and watch the horizon spin. It's almost as dizzy-making as the goat trick on Big Thunder Mountain.
  • The back seats are uncomfortably rough. If you want to avoid that, ask a cast member if you can wait for a front row in the next car. 
  • Just keep smiling. The ride photo is taken near the end.
  • Incredicoaster is fun to ride at night.
  • Like most rides at Paradise Pier, Incredicoaster closes early on days when there's a World of Color show. Check the daily schedule to be sure you don't wait too long and miss out.
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Fun Facts

View from Incredicoaster
Brett Kiger/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

When it was built, the 6,072-foot-long track was the world's fourth longest. At the start of the ride, accelerators catapult cars from 0 to 55 miles per hour in just 4.7 seconds. It looks like a wooden roller coaster, but that's just an illusion. It's actually a steel-railed roller coaster.​

When it first opened, the roller coaster had a golden Mickey Mouse silhouette on its support structure. In 2009, Imagineers replaced that with a simple circle with a sun painted inside and moved the Mickey silhouette to Mickey's Fun Wheel, which seems like a good place for it.

Incredicoaster (it was called California Screamin' at that time) is the ride where someone pulled out a selfie stick mid-ride in 2016, forcing the safety systems to shut down and spawning a park-wide ban on the photo-taking devices.