Monthly Calendars of Festivals/Events in Greater Phoenix

Year in Year Out, Enjoy These Happenings

The Univeristy of Arizona - Arizona Stadium
Cameron Davidson / Getty Images

These monthly calendars include festivals, events and activities that you can pretty much count on to take place every single year. Typically, they are the bigger happenings attracting broad segments of the populations. Some are for families, some are geared toward adults, some have tickets that must be purchased, some are free admission events.

When you visit the calendar pages, you might see a date shown is from last year. That means that I either haven't updated the page yet, or I haven't received the current information from the event promoter yet. The link to the website is included for every event, so you can usually click through to see if the event website has been updated yet with a current date.

Please note that all dates, times, locations, prices, activities and offerings are subject to change without notice. An event that indicates free admission may have some activities for which they charge a fee. You may click through to the website to get details of the event, like times, ticket prices and other specifics and restrictions.

I do not include big name bands, plays at our major venues or other major touring shows in this calendar. You can find those ticketed performances in the monthly concert/show listings.

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