Best Ways to Get Around Andalusia, Spain

How to Get to Cadiz and Jerez From Seville and Malaga

Sherry tasting in Jerez
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Southern Spain, the Andalusian part of the country, is known for its beaches along the stunning Costa del Sol, its bullfighting cities, Flamenco dance, and the richest sherry in the world. Cadiz and Jerez are two cities located 30 minutes from each other. The two are south of Seville and west of Malaga. If your Spanish travel itinerary includes visiting these four cities, there are a few ways to go.

There are regular trains and buses from Seville to Cadiz and Jerez. The best ways to get to Cadiz and Jerez from Malaga would be a rental car or guided tour since Malaga does not have a train or bus that goes directly to Cadiz or Jerez.

A Little About Cadiz and Jerez

Founded 3,000 years ago by the Phoenicians, Cadiz is the oldest city in Western Europe. This peninsula, right on the Andalusian Atlantic coast, features exquisite beaches and memorable regional cuisine like its fried fish specialty. 

Jerez is the original birthplace of Flamenco dance and the home of some of the world's finest sherry and prized horses. Jerez is steeped in history as well as rich in culture and Andalusian flavor.

Best Way to Visit

Most people visit Jerez and Cadiz from Seville. A visit to Jerez for most people is about the nightlife with sherry and flamenco as the main attractions. It can't hurt to spend the night in Jerez especially if you do a sherry tasting all day long. But you do not need to spend the whole day in the city. You can visit Cadiz as part of a day trip from Seville. 

Jerez and Cadiz in One Day

If you are staying in the touristy area of Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville, the bus station at Prado San Sebastian is within walking distance and is your easiest route to Cadiz or Jerez. The main train station, San Bernardo, is a half-mile past the bus station.

However, if you take the train, Cadiz and Jerez are on the same train line and are just half an hour apart. You can visit Cadiz in the morning, give yourself enough time to explore the old town and then go for fried fish for lunch from a freiduria, which is a shop that specializes in fried foods. Afterward, head to Jerez for the afternoon and evening.

Also, there are guided day tours of Cadiz and Jerez departing from Seville.

Traveling Between Jerez and Cadiz

Buses and trains between Jerez and Cadiz depart and arrive at the same points, cost around the same and both take about an hour. The train is slightly more comfortable.

There are both mainline and Cercania (local) trains between Jerez and Cadiz. The Cercania train is a little cheaper and a little slower. Take whichever is available at the time you want to travel. You can book train tickets online.

To Cadiz From Seville

The train takes about an hour and a half to go the 75 miles from Seville to Cadiz, while the bus takes 15 minutes longer. They cost around the same. By car, the 75-miles from Seville to Cadiz can be covered in about an hour and 15 minutes, driving mainly on the AP-4, which has tolls. Note that "AP" means Autopista, which is the Spanish word for expressway.

To Jerez From Seville

The train from Seville to Jerez takes about an hour and 15 minutes. Buses from Seville to Jerez take one hour. The 55-mile drive from Seville to Jerez can be done in a little over an hour, traveling mainly on the AP-4.

To Cadiz or Jerez From Malaga by Guided Tour

Since there are no buses or trains from Malaga to Cadiz or Jerez, there are a couple of popular guided day tours from Malaga to Jerez. One takes you on a combined tour of Cadiz and Jerez with a trip to a sherry bodega, sightseeing cruise, and horse show, while the second tour features the sherry production.

To Cadiz or Jerez From Malaga by Car

You can rent a car to visit Cadiz or Jerez from Malaga, which would take you on a picturesque route along the Costa del Sol. The coastal route is the fastest road to getting from Malaga to Jerez or Cadiz. To get to either city would take you about two-and-a-half hours.

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