The Buzzards of Hinckley

The annual return of the turkey vultures

A Turkey Buzzard in Hinckley Ohio
••• Turkey buzzard in Hinckley, Ohio. istockphoto

Every year on March 15 since 1957, the city of Hinckley, Ohio, has eagerly awaited the return of the buzzards at "Buzzards' Roost" at the Hinckley Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks.

The buzzard, a common name for the "turkey vulture," is a large, graceful bird with a bald head and red beak. No relation to the black, Old World vulture family, which includes the eagle, hawk, and kite, the buzzard is native to the Americas from southern Canada to the tip of Cape Horn.

The Return of the Buzzard

The annual Return of the Buzzard celebration starts early (6:30 a.m.) at the Hinckley Reservation in the Cleveland Metroparks. Led by "Official Buzzard Spotter" Dr. Bob Hinkle, early risers raise their binoculars and cameras to compete for the first sighting. It's all in good fun, and a sure sign that spring is on the way. Coffee and treats are customarily served.

The Sunday following March 15 is "Buzzard Sunday" at the Hinckley Reservation, a family fun day celebrating the buzzards

Buzzard Lore

The buzzard has become a sort of local folk hero. Among other things, he was the mascot and logo for Cleveland rock station WMMS, "the Home of the Buzzard" for decades.

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