How to Buy Tickets for Overnight Trains in Europe

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Overnight Train Tickets and Not Getting Ripped Off

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You can buy night train tickets for night train routes in Europe as individual tickets or you can take a night train trip on a Eurail pass. Reserving a sleeper or couchette on a night train costs extra -- all reservations on European trains using your Eurail pass cost a few dollars more but guarantee you a seat or berth.

All European night train tickets can be purchased individually -- you can make single ticket reservations online (read more before you click, though) after you buy a Eurail pass or make your reservation at the train station window up to a half hour before the train leaves. You can upgrade to a sleeper on a night train then, too.


  • Learn all about night trains -- read first to learn what night trains are, what a sleeper and a couchette are and more about night trains in Europe


European night train tickets

Buy these night train tickets direct from Rail Europe:


  • City Night Line -- Munich, Copenhagen, Berlin or Hamburg, Cologne and Prague
  • Paris-Germany-Belgium night train -- Paris-Berlin, Paris-Hamburg, Paris-Hannover, Hannover-Brussels and vice versa
  • Artesia France-Italy night train -- Paris-Rome, Paris-Florence, Paris-Milan, Paris-Venice, Dijon-Rome, Dijon-Florence, Dijon-Milan, Dijon-Venice, Chambery-Rome, Chambery-Florence, and vice versa
  • Elipsos Hotel Train -- it's less spendy than you might think for the Elipsos train from Spain to Italy, France and Switzerland
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      • Find thousands of point to point, or single, Europe train tickets -- you can also use this to make any reservation with your Eurail pass
        • Some point to point tickets must just be purchased at the European train station.

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