Where to Buy Legal Marijuana in Seattle and Tacoma

Where to buy Pot in Seattle
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Recreational marijuana users can buy weed at retail stores throughout the state. Weed is legal in Washington State as of July 2014 for both medical use (requires a prescription and allows you to grow your own limited number of plants) as well as recreational use (anyone who is 21 or older).

Yes, you can seriously just walk right in to a store. If it's your first time going to a store, it can feel intimidating, but once you enter, most stores are staffed by knowledgeable staff who can help you understand what your options are. Most stores also have a menu you can check out before you approach the counter to buy as well and some have their menus online at Weedmaps.

When the law first passed, there were very few stores open, but the list of stores is continuing to grow over time as the state eventually plans to license more than 300 stores. There were just 25 retail shops in mid-2014. Starting in July 2016, all stores were required to be registered by the state and there was no longer a division between medical and recreational stores, so recreational users can find the same products that were formerly only available to those with a prescription.

Still, just because pot is legal doesn't mean it's a free for all. There are still rules and regulations about how, when and where you can light up or eat an edible. If you're interested in more about the basic rules to possess and do marijuana, check this list of the basics as well as how to find out more.

Legal Cannabis in Washington State
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Important Things to Know

  • For a list of places in Seattle where you can buy pot, see below. For the most complete list of both recreational and medical stores and dispensaries, check Weedmaps as the list can and does change.
  • Retail shoppers can buy edibles, pre-rolled joints, buds, extract, CBD oil and extract, and other products.
  • Weedmaps.com is a great resource for retail stores and medical dispensaries near you.
  • Be aware that in order to legally purchase marijuana in Washington, you must be over the age of 21.
  • Your ID will be checked before you can enter the stores.
  • Many laws surrounding legal pot are similar to alcohol laws—no one can do it outside in the open, or drive under the influence. So even though you've probably seen or smelled someone smoking in public, be aware that can result in a citation.
  • Because it’s still federally illegal, most shops also cannot take credit cards due to federal banking regulations so bring cash, just in case.
  • And if you’re from another state, bring marijuana out of Washington at your own risk. It’s still illegal in surrounding states and it doesn’t matter if it was legal when you bought it.
  • The most you can buy by state law at one time is one ounce, but stores can further limit that amount if they are short on supply.
A Greener Today
A Greener Today 

In Seattle

A Greener Today
10522 Lake City Way NE, C103, Seattle

American Mary
321 NE 45th St, Seattle

Cannabis City
2733 4th Avenue S, Seattle

Dockside Cannabis
1728 4th Avenue S, Seattle

Fweedom Cannabis
12001 Aurora Avenue N, Seattle

Ganja Goddess
3207 1st Avenue S, Seattle

Grass and Glass
14343 15th Avenue NE, Seattle

Greenside Recreational
9804 Lake City Way NE, Seattle

Hashtag Recreational Cannabis
3540 Stone Way N, Seattle

Herbn Elements Recreational
11013 Lake City Way NE, Seattle

Herbs House
716 NW 65th St, Seattle

Mary's N Seattle
12230 Aurora Avenue N, Seattle

Ocean Greens
9724 Aurora Avenue N, Seattle

OZ. Recreational Cannabis
3831 Stone Way N, Seattle

2413 East Union Street, Seattle

Queen Anne Cannabis Company
312 W Republican St, Seattle

1465 E Republican St, Seattle

Seattle Tonics Recreational
12059 Aurora Avenue N, Seattle

Stash Pot Shop
4912 17th Avenue NW, Seattle

Stash Pot Shop
10333 Lake City Way NE, Seattle

Trees Pot Shop
10532 Greenwood Avenue N, Seattle

Clear Choice Cannabis
 Clear Choice Cannabis

Tacoma-area Marijuana Stores

Clear Choice Cannabis
8001 S Hosmer Street, Tacoma

Diamond Green
4002 S 12th St, Tacoma

Green Collar
10422 Pacific Avenue S, Suite B, Tacoma

The Herbal Gardens
824 S 28th Street, Tacoma

Highway 7
7046 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma

Mary Mart
3005 6th Avenue, STE B, Tacoma

Triple C Cannabis Club
2706 6th Avenue, Tacoma

Two Five Trees
3213 S 38th St, Tacoma

Urban Bud
112 S 24th St, Tacoma

World of Weed
3202 E Portland Avenue, Tacoma

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