Skating in Montreal: Buy Ice Skates

Where to Buy Used or New Ice Skates in Montreal

Planning on ice skating in Montreal this winter season but don't own skates? If you're thinking of heading out to the rinks no more than three times over the winter, then renting skates on location should be fine.

But if you intend on making the most of winter, want the flexibility of skating at any rink of your choice regardless of if they have an equipment rental office or not, and want to skate as often as you want, then you might just want to buy a pair of ice skates. It saves big bucks in the long run. 

Serious skaters might want to consider a brand new pair, but even used skates can be a good choice. Below features a selection of stores that sell both state-of-the-art and used ice skates, whether for hockey, figure skating, or speed skating.

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    For brand new skates at the best price, try Canadian Tire. I've found women's white leisure skates for as low as $30. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Ankle stability may not be the greatest. But I've also spotted some decent pairs on sale for $60 with positive consumer feedback so keep an eye open for Christmas, Boxing Day and end-of-season sales.

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    This is where serious skaters buy their ice skates. Prices are higher, say between $70 and $350, possibly more, but the quality is there. A solid destination for avid ice skaters.

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    Have you considered secondhand ice skates?

    An especially attractive choice for families with kids outgrowing shoes from one season to the next, you could score a pair for $15 on a good day. You can even return them when they don't fit anymore for an exchange. Expect to pay more for adult skates though.

    And do call the store closest to you ahead of time and ask what's available before heading out to spare yourself an unnecessary trip if they're out of stock. I've made that mistake with Play It Again Sports before.

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    A fantastic shop for used winter gear, if only for the reason that they only carry winter gear, from skis to snowboards to snowshoes to, you guessed it, ice skates.

    Equipment options include both used and new.

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    Where to buy new or used ice skates in Montreal? Try this shop.
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    No guarantees you'll find used skates on your first visit to Le Chaînon's store on the Main, let alone sports equipment, but you never know if you keep trying. A loved one of mine scored nearly new hockey skates for $8 in 2015. 

    A non-profit used clothing, furniture, baby product, book, jewelry, and assorted knick knacks store, shop staff are volunteers and proceeds fund the Montreal women's shelter that goes by the same name.

    As a result of its noble mission, Le Chaînon's store often receives new merchandise from commercial donors in addition to standard consumer donations. I've seen everything from new American Apparel goods for under $10 to Crabtree and Evelyn bath and body care products significantly discounted to brand new silver necklaces adorned with Swarovski crystals for under $30.

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    Ice skates in Montreal can be bought either new or used at these stores.
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    You won't find any used skates here and don't count on a deal unless something is on sale but otherwise Plateau neighborhood sports store Ekkip sells a decent selection of new skates, some for hockey, others for speed or figure skating. They also sharpen skates on location for a small fee.

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    New or used ice skates in Montreal can be bought at Sports aux Puces.
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    Covering all sorts of price ranges, Sports aux Puces sells both new and used ice skates for the whole family.

    The store chain also specializes in hockey equipment, ski, snowboard and cycling gear. With close to 20 locations across Quebec, the Montreal Sports au Puces is across the street from Langelier Metro in the East End.