Where to Buy Havaianas in Rio de Janeiro

Get Your Flip Flops: From Saara to the Butcher Shop

A selection of havainas flip-flops on the street.
Maasaak / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

It's easy to find Havaianas in Rio, and not just at shoe shops. Havaianas are available at drugstores, supermarkets, and at the ubiquitous Brazilian newsstand on Rio's sidewalks.

But you want to know where you can find your flip flops in great quantities - places so chock-full of Havaianas, they're spilling onto the sidewalk. You're wondering where you can buy a pair on Sunday morning, before going to the beach, when most stores in Rio are still closed.

Official Havaianas Stores

Rio has more than 20 official Havaianas stores. Some of the best locations for travelers:

MGA at Saara

If you're the kind of traveler who likes to experience local life to the fullest, you'll enjoy going to MGA at Saara, an area with over 1,200 stores covering 11 streets in Central Rio. You'll have plenty of company: about 70,000 people cross Saara daily.

The original MGA Souvenirs is a store where Rio brides buy Havaianas by the bunch to offer as customized wedding favors.

Shopping in Saara dates back to the nineteenth century, when it first gathered Syrian, Lebanese, Greek, Jewish, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Argentinean vendors. Later, Korean, Japanese and Chinese immigrants helped Saara become known as a "little UN".


Is it smart or what to sell Havaianas at a butcher shop/minimarket which opens on Sunday morning, while most stores in Rio de Janeiro are still closed? That's what KiKarnes, in Ipanema, does - and it's just two blocks from the beach.

Lojas Americanas

You'll find a good Havaianas selection at one of the few true department stores in Brazil: Lojas Americanas (meaning "American Stores"). The chain is big in Rio, with several stores in the most touristic areas. Their website: www.americanas.com.br; see the list of stores under "Nossas Lojas".