Buying a House in Charlotte

Addie Rising

If you're moving to Charlotte's there's a good chance you're from Ohio or New York, right? That's where most of this city's transplants seem to come from.

Charlotte seems to always top lists of the best places to move, or the most upcoming cities, or the best places for young professionals, and it makes sense when you consider all that this town has for people. There's just a lot to love about Charlotte and all of the surrounding areas.

Many people moving to the Charlotte area are coming from larger markets like New York City, Boston, Los Angeles or San Francisco and the amount of house and land you can get compared to the aforementioned cities is quite impressive.

Charlotte's booming population growth has kept the real estate market ahead of the national curve and while there's been some recent slowing, it's not stopped or reversed. Here is a guide to what you need to know to buy a home in the Charlotte area:

Charlotte's Real Estate Area Map

All classified listings and real estate listing websites for Charlotte have the market broken down by areas, and you'll see names like Meyers Park, Dilworth, and NoDA pop up often. But, if you haven't lived here your whole life (which would be the case if you're looking for help purchasing a new home here in town), are new to the area, or just looking from afar to see what Charlotte is all about, it's not necessarily easy to determine the boundaries of these areas. There are a lot of neighborhoods here, and it can get pretty confusing at times.

Here is a map and boundary information that will help with your Charlotte house hunting adventure.

Where to Begin

If you're new to the area, I highly suggest taking a day, hopping in your car and just driving around. Pull into neighborhoods or subdivisions that look appealing and jot down their names. You can research online later. Pick up any flyers you might see and stop in open houses. You'll get a good feel for the neighborhoods and driving distances from your place of employment, school or church.

Here are some websites specifically tailored to Charlotte real estate that will aid in your online research:

    • is the official site of the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association featuring up-to-date listings for potential home buyers.
  • Allen Tate Realtors
    • The largest realtor group in the Carolinas, The Allen Tate Company began in 1957 and now has over 1,600 associates in North and South Carolina. Even if you do not use this realtor, their website is very informative on all listings.
  • Charlotte Observer Real Estate Search
    • This format allows for easy searching by area, county and city.

    New Home Construction

    Another option in Charlotte is new home construction. With I-485 near completion and the Charlotte Lynx beginning what were remote areas from the Uptown areas are no longer so remote and new housing developments are springing up all over town. Two great sites to see all the newly-built homes available are NewHome Source and Charlotte New Homes Directory.

    Some builders in the area are:

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