Business Travel Things to Do in Miami

Turn your Miami business trip into vacation with visits to these sites

I'm a big believer in taking advantage of business trips for personal gain. While sometimes it's great to fly into a city, do your meeting, and fly out and get home, other times it's great to relax after a business trip, especially if you've flown a long distance or traveled to someplace nice.

For me, Miami is a great example. As a huge hub of business, Miami is a vibrant and exciting city to travel to. There are plenty of major corporations, conventions, and other things in Miami, and lots of business travelers find themselves in Miami at one point or another. For me, Miami is one of those cities where it's definitely worthwhile to tack on an extra day or two at the end of a business trip to enjoy the city or take in some of the sites.

For business travelers, here are some suggestions or how to turn your Miami business trip into a mini-vacation.

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    Hit the Beach

    South Beach for Business Travelers
    David A. Kelly

    You're in Miami! The first thing you should consider doing after a business trip is hitting the beach! I particularly love the beach area of South Beach, near the Art Deco district. Lots of places to eat and drink, and some great beach, water, and scenery. Miami has a great bike rental program, and there are bike stations all around Miami Beach, so feel free to hop on (after you've put in your credit card) and pedal off to another part of the beach or the city. The bikes are easy and convenient and make getting around the city really easy.

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    Take in Some Art

    Miami art for business travelers
    David A. Kelly

    Miami is known for art. There are big art shows as well as great galleries, especially in the Wynwood area, with Wynwood Walls and an expanding set of cool stores, cafes, and restaurants. You can easily lose yourself for an afternoon checking out the galleries in the Wynwood area or stopping for a bite to eat.

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    Watch out for Real Business Predators

    Everglades National park near Miami
    David A. Kelly

    It can be hard dealing with business people all week, but if you can do that successfully, maybe it's time to head out and deal with some real predators. Head about an hour and a half south of Miami to take in the Everglades National Park, with interesting hiking trails and fearsome creatures! Note that there are different visitors centers for the park, and there are also different areas where you can take a fan-boat ride.

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    Enjoy the Weather

    Miami Business Travel Tips
    David A. Kelly

    Sometimes the best way to recover from a business trip is ​to do nothing. Stay an extra day and kick back at your hotel's pool or roof deck. Here's a shot of the GREAT roof deck at the Betsy Hotel on South Beach. Beautiful views of the cruise ships leaving at night, nice drinks, and comfortable chairs. Hard to ask for more.

It's hard to go wrong by deciding to spend a few extra days in Miami or Miami Beach after a business trip, unless its summertime. If you are in Miami for a business trip, especially in the winter, it's your duty to take a day or two and investigate the local area, the local wildlife, and recharge your batteries so you can hit the ground running.

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