Busch Stadium Brings Baseball Front and Center in St. Louis

Busch Stadium in St. Louis
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One of the biggest complaints of baseball fans is the difficulty of getting to and parking at a stadium. The current Busch Stadium in St. Louis, opened in 2006, takes the worry out of getting there, and provides opportunities to see the Cardinals in a variety of seats and suites while enjoying a wide array of food and drink.

History and Facts

The St. Louis Cardinals had their start as the St. Louis Browns in 1882. At one point, the team was even in Baltimore, playing as the Baltimore Orioles, but they found their way back to St. Louis. It is in this Missouri city that the team has won 11 World Series Championships.

The new Busch Stadium cost over $400 million to build. It has housed about 21 million fans since it opened in April 2006, four million of which were donated tickets to charities and children, in the 46,000 seat stadium. 

Seating and Suites

A large number of seating options are available at Busch Stadium. Children under three years of age may come to the ballpark with an adult without purchasing a ticket. The least expensive seating is in the Right Field, the first & third base loge, and on the Budweiser Brew House Deck in Ballpark Village. Better and slightly more costly seating is available in the field boxes and Left Field Pavilion.

Tickets that include access to indoor areas, such as the Redfield Club, provide fewer bathroom lines, more food and drink options, as well as respite from the heat of the summer.

If you can gather together a group, you can get access to a private area. The Branch Rickey Room, for example, is available for a minimum of 22 or a maximum of 30 people. In addition to the prime seating, you’ll have a private balcony, a complimentary bar and buffet, and additional amenities. A similar package is available at the Cardinals Nation Balcony for individuals to purchase.

More inclusive opportunities are available for St. Louis Cardinals in other suites, such as the Bank of America Club, the UMB Champions Club, and the Commissioners’ Box, which includes in-seat service of food and beverages.

Food and Drink

Even if you don’t have a suite at Busch Stadium you will have plenty of food and drink available to you, from ballpark favorites such as hot dogs and popcorn to St. Louis barbecue. El Birdos provides Mexican food in two locations, Hardee’s has two spots to purchase their burgers, shakes, and fries, and additional kiosks are available throughout the stadium.

Beer can be purchased at most food stands and cocktail bars are located throughout the ballpark, which also has gluten-free items for sale.

Location and Parking

Busch Stadium is located at 700 Clark Street in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. It is within a short walk of many hotels and restaurants. A Metro Link Train Station is only a few blocks away.

You can easily reach Busch Stadium from local interstate highways leading to Illinois, with a border just about a half-hour away, as well as other regions of Missouri. Parking is available next door to the stadium at Ballpark Village. For the best availability, reserve your parking when you purchase tickets to Cardinals’ games.

Busch Stadium is extremely accessible, but request accessible tickets when ordering if there are any special needs to be met, such as wheelchair seating or electrical outlets for medical devices.

Contact Busch Stadium for the latest information and tickets.

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