Burger Bar Las Vegas at The Mandalay Bay Hotel

Hubert Keller Does Burgers at Burger Bar Las Vegas

Zeke Quezada

The fancy gourmet burger is in abundance on the Las Vegas strip and Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay is where it all began. This is the restaurant that broke out with the ultra premium burgers and they still have a small spot in the market. While restaurants in Las Vegas has added in eight types of buns and eight types of proteins the burger craze has evolved. So to has it at Burger Bar. If you want a gourmet burger you can get one almost every where on the Las Vegas strip these days however Burger Bar Las Vegas gives you an enormous selection of beers to go with that burger. The fancy burger still exist but my suggestion is to find the right beer to pair with a good burger at Burger Bar.

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Burger Bar Las Vegas

Location: Burger Bar Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas
3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 702-632-9364

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Cuisine at Burger Bar Las Vegas: Burgers and great beer

Reservations for Burger Bar Las Vegas: Not required

Price Range at Burger Bar Las Vegas: Moderate

Hours at Burger Bar Las Vegas:
11:00am - 11:00pm Sun – Thurs
11:00am - 12:00am Fri - Sat

Attire: Casual

What it’s like at Burger Bar Las Vegas?
It’s an upscale burger joint that happens to have a great beer selection. The Burger Bar initially made its name on the basis of a burger and a huge price tag. People talked about the name behind the concept (Hubert Keller) and the upscale burger. All I can remember from those early days was having beer at the bar while making small talk with strangers. Well, take a seat at the bar and have a beer and a burger and you’ll get much the same except that the beer is even better now.

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How’s the food at Burger Bar Las Vegas?
Burgers and beer, you really can’t mess that up to badly if you stick with simple. Don't mess around with too many additions, they are doing a decent job with the beef so go easy with the condiments and enjoy your bread and meat with a good beer.

What you should try Burger Bar Las Vegas:

  • Beef, two buns and maybe one condiment. They do a burger just fine don’t go and mess it up for them
  • The Wedge Salad – A decent salad if you need that sort of thing with tomatoes, bacon and blue cheese.
  • My choice for a burger is ciabatta and Black Angus beef. Simple and good.
  • There is a veggie burger, a turkey burger and a salmon burger if you decided to go to a place called Burger Bar and you decide you don’t want a real burger.


What you should drink at Burger Bar Las Vegas:

They have more than 100 beers on the menu. They have plenty of bottles for you to sample and dozens on tap so prepare yourself for a little excursion into beer drinking. They also have a few milkshakes that can be spruced up to the point of happy time. Go back to Restaurant home

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