7 Buffets In Las Vegas To Make You Disregard Your Diet.

The Buffets In Las Vegas That You Should Consider

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I recently heard that there is a chef’s table at Bellagio buffet. That is right! A chef’s table where you sit there and marvel at the food that is coming out to you, the special guest of the chef. Only it is at a buffet!

The era of the buffet may not be back in full swing simply because there are far too many fabulous options available for good food in Las Vegas but there are still a few buffets that I think you should consider when you want to satisfy more than one craving at one sitting.  When considering a buffet these days in Las Vegas you must consider the buffet as a destination restaurant and not as an alternative to cheap out and save yourself some cash. Las Vegas buffet, the good ones, are not cheap, but they are way better than you might remember them.

Favorite Las Vegas Buffets

Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet

The room is huge and if you take a look at the details you’ll realize that they paid attention to all of the little things to truly make your buffet experience a real Las Vegas dining experience. I mention that because you have to believe that if they took the time to worry about design you know they took the time to figure out the food situation. That they did and while I wish the BBQ was a little better (it’s good but I have become a Texas BBQ snob) there are som any other options worthy of your time. The Mexican food section features some impressive soups as well some very tender and savory pork Carnitas, the wok-fried dishes in the Chinese kitchen feel so comfortable I wish I could eat them out of a box and wood burning stove is putting out some above average pizza.

The biggest draw is that everything is being made right then and there so freshness is readily apparent. Selection is huge and you will not be able to make it through the nearly 500 selections on one visit.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Wicked Spoon Buffet

If I am looking for breakfast in Las Vegas and I am craving bacon (who doesn’t crave bacon?) I am at the Cosmopolitan. Yes, it is rude to over look the impressive selection at Wicked Spoon but they have some thick cut apple wood bacon that I am in love with.  Lets get past the bacon and on to some real food through out the day and you’ll really enjoy the sense that every dish is made for you. Well, it’s not but t almost feels that way as sections of the buffet feel like a tapas bar set to high. Small plates, big flavors and enough food to have you sampling for hours. The Italian dishes are good enough to warrant a second pass and the fried chicken is something you might want to stuff a few pieces of down your pants to smuggle out for a late night snack. (not encouraged)

You might want to get excited about the Mac and Cheese station because you can really loud up your mac and get creative. Oh yeah, go ahead and add some bacon to it.

The Buffet at Aria Las Vegas

You might find me here at lunch with only one thing on my mind and that would be the steamed baos. These are good and considering how many I will eat it is fairly certain that they will lose money on me each and every visit. The brisket was too lean for me and that means that you will enjoy it but you probably don’t crave the fatty parts as much as I do. Take a look at the Indian kitchen and you might be surprised that they are getting things done correctly. The entire buffet had a recent overhaul and they succeeded in taking this Las Vegas buffet to another level.


A Few More Las Vegas Buffets That I Cannot Get Enough Of.

  • The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas – Elegant with cuisine to match the surroundings. The sweet spot is definitely the sweet station although it is hard to miss the outstanding Vegetarian/Vegan options. I need meat but if you don’t this will be your favorite buffet on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Bellagio Las Vegas Buffet – The reason you stay at Bellagio is because you love great customer service and you’ll get it at the Buffet at Bellagio. I am enamored with the sushi but head to the made to order stations. You’ll be impressed. 
  • Studio B Buffet at M Resort- Often voted the best buffet in Las Vegas by locals. The selection is plentiful but I am impressed with the Asian dishes and th seafood selections.
  • Seafood Buffet at Rio – Crablegs and lobster! This was once my “go to” buffet and even tough I don’t get there as often it still among my favorites. 


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