Buffalo's Best Brunches for a Hangover

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    Where to Find the Best Hangover Cures in Buffalo

    Bloody Mary
    ••• Edson Hong/Flickr

    In a party city like Buffalo, it's important to know just exactly where to head for a quick hangover cure the morning after a night on the town. Thankfully, throughout the city there's a ton of places to go for the ideal brunch, complete with opulent dishes and over-the-top cocktails. Everyone has their go-to hangover cures, whether it be fatty and fried food, a beer or cocktail the next morning, or overloading on carbs. Whatever your particular take, these are the best places for that hangover cure brunch in Buffalo.

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    Trattoria Aroma

    ••• Trattoria Aroma

    Trattoria Aroma offers a decadent spread of traditional brunch dishes with a European flair. Dishes like their eggs benedict, caramelized banana pancakes, or french toast brulee are all decadent enough to satisfy any cravings you might have after a night out.

    307 Bryant Street
    (716) 881-7592
    Sunday only

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    ••• Betty's

    If you're looking for comfort food then Betty's is a must-stop spot. Catering to those with food allergies, Betty's has quickly become a local favorite for those looking for delicious and affordable food that's also healthy. For those who've had a little too much to drink the night before, the Betty's Bloody is the way to go. Their version of a bloody mary comes in a pint glass with a healthy dose of horseradish to help work all of the toxins out of your body.

    370 Virginia Street
    (716) 362-0633

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    Hydraulic Hearth

    ••• Courtesy of Hydraulic Hearth

    Regardless of when you visit Hydraulic Hearth you need to try one of their artisanal cocktails, hand \crafted by one of their skilled bartenders. With one of the best cocktail menus in the city, you know that you'll be in good hands after a night out drinking. Their beermosa (pictured here) is a simple, yet satisfying mix for anyone fighting off the effects of a hangover and their bloody mary is made for a house recipe. But don't fill up too much on drinks (you are trying to fight off your hangover, remember) because they have a fierce brunch menu and live music to wake you up a bit. 

    716 Swan Street
    (716) 248-2216
    Saturday only

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    ••• Oshun

    Known for their pristine seafood dishes, Oshun doesn't stray too far with their brunch specials. With dishes like fried oyster strips and oyster hash skillet, it's a perfect place for someone looking to indulge in upscale cuisine with a penchant for seafood. They also offer an extensive cocktail menu for brunch that includes great hangover cures like the Burning Bourbon--filled with a healthy dose of cayenne pepper to clear out your system, and a Bloody Mary made from a house mix and topped with a shrimp garnish.

    5 E. Huron Street
    (716) 848-4500
    Sunday only

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    The Lodge

    Chicken and waffles
    ••• The Lodge

    Sitting in the main dining room of The Lodge it's hard to believe you're not in an upscale city like Los Angeles or New York, but let's be honest, after a night of heavy drinking you didn't come here for the atmosphere (although it doesn't hurt.) What draws in the crowds during their weekend brunches are their over-the-top dishes like fried chicken and waffles or the stuffed french toast, served with bacon ice cream. For those looking to pair a cocktail with their entree, I'd suggest the Lodgie Tottie--a bourbon cocktail made with peppermint tea, honey and lemon juice--ideal for someone fighting off a bout of nausea.

    79 W Chippewa Street
    (716) 256-1940
    Saturday and Sunday

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    Cole's Restaurant and Bar

    ••• Cole's Restaurant and Bar

    Cole's has been a mainstay on Elmwood Avenue for over 80 years and their Sunday brunch has earned them a reputation as one of the best places to go in the city. With a variety of bloody mary options like the bacon bloody mary, Buffalo bloody Mary and the cilantro bloody mary, they've got you covered for whatever your tastes are.

    1104 Elmwood Avenue
    (716) 886-1449

    Sunday only

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    Pano's Restaurant

    Chicken and waffles
    ••• Pano's

    A longtime favorite among the Buffalo brunch scene, Pano's Restaurant offers all of the traditional dishes, including omelettes, steak and eggs and french toast. Their chicken and waffles are the show stopper though. The perfect cure for a difficult hangover, this dish has the perfect balance of sweet and savory to cure any cravings.

    1081 Elmwood Avenue
    (716) 886-9081
    Saturday and Sunday