One Day in Las Vegas - Budgeting your Time with a Las Vegas Itinerary

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    How Do You Spend One Day In Las Vegas?

    The Fountains of Bellagio Las Vegas
    ••• Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas. Zeke Quezada

    If you have one day in Las Vegas you can choose to have some fun seeing the sights and attractions. If you choose that take a look at our 88 Things You Should Do In Las Vegas. However, if you want some ideas on how to go through the day without much thought maybe we can give you some ideas.

    You'll need a cheap breakfast, a place to walk around and a few things to check out. We have you covered, go ahead and start getting excited about Las Vegas.


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    Cheap Breakfast on the Las Vegas Strip

    ••• Denny's at Casino Royale. Zeke Quezada

    With some breakfast buffets charging $12 you can still get a meal at Denny's for a reasonable price. You can actually walk into the Casino Royale afterward and win back your money if you need to. Is this the best breakfast? Well, no, but it is cheap and you'll be relatively satisfied.

    The Peppermill next door to old Riviera site is always a good value and the Hash House A Go Go at The LINQ offers big portions for decent prices if you don't mind sharing. If you feel like having a boat drink in the early morning hours head to Margaritaville at the Flamingo Hotel and have breakfast there.

    If you want the best breakfast in town you either go to Bouchon at Venetian or MOzen Bistro at Mandarin Oriental. I will caution you that both of those restaurants can get expensive but they are out of this world. 


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    Food and Drink at The Park Las Vegas

    Bliss Dance at Night at T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas
    ••• Bliss Dance at Night at T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas. Zeke Quezada

    If the weather cooperates you can spend a long afternoon at  The Park Vegas.  The outdoor tables coupled with plenty of food and drink options make this spot perfect for some serious day drinking. Listen, if you have one day in Las Vegas and you don't have to drive or work, what excuse do you have to skip out on a good afternoon cocktail binge?


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    One Day In Vegas And You Go To A Pool?

    Blvd. Pool at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
    ••• Cosmopolitan of Las vegas Pool. Zeke Quezada

    Yes! A pool day is perfect for a one day getaway to Las Vegas. All you need is some relaxation, why not have a drink and sit by a pool? Grab a chair, order a drink and just turn it off at a pool in Las Vegas.


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    Topgolf Las Vegas During Your Short Stay?

    Top Golf Hitting Bay
    ••• The View From A Top Golf Las Vegas Hitting Bay. Luke Quezada

    If you have one day do anything you want why not spend it playing golf? Well, because golf can be a chore. However, Topgolf Las Vegas is more than swinging a club it is cocktails, socializing, food and even live entertainment. Plus, you don't need five hours for a round you need an hour to have fun.


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    Walk off the Meal at the Fashion Show Mall and Shopping in Las Vegas

    ••• Fashion Show Mall. Zeke Quezada

    What better way to help digestion than with a brisk walk through a mall? Well, at least that is what my wife believes. The fashion show mall is huge and it offers you a chance to start thinking about what you can buy with your gambling profits. You could consider a meal here as there are plenty of food choices available.

    Check out:
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    or the other shopping choices in Las Vegas

    If you want to be outside head to The Park Vegas or the LINQ Entertainment District. Both spots have some space to stretch your legs. The Park is centered around food and drink while The LINQ offers a few shops to help you spend your money along with plenty of food and rink options.

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    Have Lunch at Spago Las Vegas in the Forum Shops at Caesars

    ••• Spago at the Forum Shops. Zeke Quezada

    Do a little window shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and then grab a seat in the cafe at Spago. Order a glass of Pinot and order the meatloaf. Lunch at Spago is easily one of the must dos in Las Vegas. If you have one day there is no way you can miss it.

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    See the Attractions at the Mirage Las Vegas

    ••• Mirage Las Vegas. Zeke Quezada

    Get a glimpse of a few white tigers, an aquarium at the check-in desk, the Dolphin Habitat and the sharks at the poker tables. The Mirage has plenty to see inside and a Volcano on the outside. If you have time, check out the sports book and the creative use of wood at Stack.

    What you should consider at the Mirage:
    Things to Love about the Mirage
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    Visit Downtown Las Vegas

    ••• Downtown Las Vegas. Zeke Quezada

    Go to Downtown Las Vegas and see the Fremont Street Experience and walk around the Las Vegas of old. Low limit tables, cheap drinks and and a free light show.


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    Have a Deep Fried Twinkie in Las Vegas

    ••• Deep Fried Twinkie. Zeke Quezada
    I know, why? I say why not? It's not the best tasting thing but at least you can share that kind of experience at dinner parties. Crispy on the outside and a little mushy on the inside. You might like it, if nothing else grab a dollar Margarita and wash the Twinkie down and then load up on dollar hot dogs.

    What Deep fried Twinkie looks like

    What a Deep Fried Oreo Looks Like


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    Go to the Top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas

    ••• Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. Zeke Quezada

    Get to the top and look at the Las Vegas skyline when the lights go down.

    Get the Details on the Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas

    Las Vegas at night from the Eiffel Tower


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