Plan Your Budget Escape to Cabo San Lucas

As you plan your budget trip to Cabo San Lucas, consider recent events.

Cabo San Lucas and its neighbor San José del Cabo had become popular spots for vacationers from across North America when disaster struck. Hurricane Odile hit with unexpected fury in September 2014. After many months, there still are large, shuttered resorts and small hotels struggling to come back.

But the area has adopted the hashtag #unstoppable in its social media efforts and slogans such as "standing tall." There are distinct benefits for travelers in supporting Cabo at this time. Chances are good you'll be staying in a newly renovated room and enjoying freshly updated facilities. It's smart to check on the status of a resort's recovery before you book your trip. Are there services that are limited or still suspended?

The articles linked here will show you places to enjoy Cabo on a budget, tell the story of a major resort that reopened within weeks of the storm, and introduce you to some of...MORE the region's best cuisine.


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    Dusk along the Sea of Cortez near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
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    This primary article introduces the area and suggests ways in which you can maximize your time and resources during a Cabo San Lucas vacation. Finding flights, considering the best times of year for your visit and thinking about hotel options are all top priorities. Get advice on your entry into Mexico and even some thoughts on beach conditions. Use this article in the early stages of your planning, so that you can establish a good budget and a strong itinerary.

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    Cabo Hotels

    An infinity pool at Sheraton's resort near Cabo San Lucas.
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    Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo offer a fairly wide selection of accommodations -- you can spend $50 USD/night in a place that provides the basics, or many times that amount in resorts that will cater to a wide array of travel needs. This listing will show both of those extremes, and a few properties in between.

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    The pool bars at Sheraton's resort near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
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    Large, full-service resorts sometimes are priced beyond the reach of budget travelers. The Sheraton resort is a place where you can enjoy the finer things without destroying your budget. Off-season deals are available, and the setting lends itself to quiet relaxation in a destination known for parties and active water sports. Consider a review of Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Golf & Spa Resort.

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    Cabo Activities

    Glass bottom boat tours are popular in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
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    Much of the focus is on the water in Cabo. The Sea of Cortez is home to Alaskan whales wintering in the warmth, a line-up of sport fish that delights anglers, and some impressive rock formations at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. Whether your focus on on the water or under it, there are opportunities to enhance your visit with some outdoor activities. Take a look at a few options as you plan your travel budget. 

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    Cabo Dining

    Enjoy the cuisine of Baja California in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
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    Some of the local favorites won't surprise you. But did you know chocolate and cowboy steak are popular? Were you aware that there is a Mexican version of bruchetta with a unique ingredient that makes it delicious? There is much to learn about Cabo food specialties, and plenty of place where you can enjoy them without blowing your budget.

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    Latin America Travel Myths

    Before jumping to conclusions, read about safety and other issues in Latin America.
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    You've heard the objections: too much crime, oppressive weather and unstable currencies. If you're willing to look beyond the so-called common wisdom, it's possible to find budget-friendly and safe ways to visit Mexico, Central and South America. Take a look at 10 Latin American travel myths and be certain they don't keep you from a great budget trip to the region.