Budget Back to School Shopping in Vancouver

Your Guide to Vancouver Back to School Shopping on a Budget

Vancouver has amazing shopping, but when it comes to back to school shopping in Vancouver, it can be difficult to stay within a reasonable budget. Kids and teens need new clothes and school supplies. So where do you go to get the best quality at the best price? Use this list to find the best places for staying on budget while back to school shopping in Vancouver.

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    Buying Clothes & School Supplies, All Ages: Vancouver Discount Stores

    Back to school shopping at Canadian Target
    Photo by Dana Lynch

    When it comes to budget back to school shopping in Vancouver, the first place to start is at a Vancouver discount store. Vancouver discount stores run the gamut from huge chains to small, locally-owned shops that offer great deals on selected items.

    For back to school clothes and general school supplies for all ages:

    For discount art supplies:

    • Welk's Mart

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    Buying Clothes for Teens: Low Cost & Budget Fashion

    We all know how important back to school shopping is for a teen: looking hip and fashionable is a must! But parents and teens have budgets to consider, which make finding low cost and budget fashion a priority. Check out these stores for teens who are looking for hip-and-trendy pieces at the lowest cost possible:

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    Buying Study Accessories & Furniture: Ikea

    I sometimes feel like everyone in Vancouver shops at Ikea, which can lead to Ikea overload. But there's a reason it's so popular, even for back to school shopping in Vancouver: it's cheap. It's one-stop shopping for dorm room essentials--everything from table lamps to trash bins--and for outfitting your kid's room with desk and study accessories, like paper organizers.

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    Crossing the Border: U.S. Discount Stores

    One trick to budget back to school shopping in Vancouver is to leave Vancouver and head south of the border. Make it to Bellingham, WA, and you can shop for back to school bargains on both school supplies and clothes at U.S. discount stores like Target and Fred Meyer.

    To get the most bang for your crossing-the-border buck, leave the kids with family or friends and bring your partner or a friend. Two people returning to Canada after 24 hours can bring a combined $400 worth of goods ($200 per person) duty-free; two people returning after 48 hrs can bring a combined $1600 ($800 each) worth of goods back duty-free. (Note: Amounts reflect duty free changes made in June 2012.)

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