Budapest in December: Weather and Events

Christmas and Cold Weather Dominate Month

Budapest Christmas Market
zsoolt/CC BY-NC 

Budapest is actually two cities, Buda and Pest, one on each side of the Danube River, which divides this capital of Hungary. This city's history dates to Roman times, but Buda and Pest were not united into one city until 1873. The city has beautiful art nouveau architecture, sweeping views from spectacular bridges, and, yes, thermal baths. Must-sees are the Parliament buildings, the former Royal Palace and its museums, and Budapest's many cool pubs and gardens. The gardens will not be at their lush summer best, of course, but the bare trees have a certain minimalist appeal.

It's an offbeat place to visit in Europe, no matter the time of year. If you're planning a December trip, here's what you need to know.

Weather in December

The average high in Budapest in December is 37 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature dips to about 30 degrees on average overnight. The last half of December sees really cold weather set in for the winter. It snows often, but it is usually light, and accumulation is rare. If you find moderate cold invigorating and light snow like a glistening frosting on the city, you will love Budapest in December.

What to Pack

You won't need to pack for wide swings in temperature; it's all winter, all the time. Focus on layers that work with a variety of pieces. Some good ideas are jeans, colored jeans, wool or cotton sweaters that can be worn underneath a cardigan, opaque tights if you plan to wear a skirt or dress, ankle boots that are comfortable enough for many hours of walking, socks, a wool or cashmere scarf, gloves, and a medium-weight coat. If you are traveling from most areas of the United States, these clothes are generally the same as what you would need at home in December.

The basic trick is to have layers with multi-uses. Take along a fedora, knit hat, or beret if you like to wear hats; you will have plenty of opportunity for them in Budapest at this time of year. 

December Holidays and Events

Just as in all countries that celebrate Christmas, the end-of-the-month holiday dominates special events in December. If you're in Budapest during December, you'll experience Christmas in a decidedly European way.  Don't forget to go out at night to see Budapest's stunning architecture and bridges over the Danube lit up in Christmas dress. It will be a holiday to remember and one with many interesting photo ops. 

  • All month: The Budapest Christmas market is a great place to find Christmas gifts from Hungary and just a lot of fun to roam around in. Visit the Great Market Hall for more Hungarian Christmas gift options.
  • Dec. 6: On this day, St. Nicholas visits children with candy and small gifts.
  • Dec. 24 to 26: Christmas in Hungary is celebrated.
  • Dec. 31: Celebrate New Year's Eve in Budapest. Parties, galas, and river cruises are traditionally included in the lineup of events for this celebratory night.