Bubbles and Brunch at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan makes brunch the most important meal of the day

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The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas 

Waking up on a weekend in Las Vegas is usually painful. The truth is you probably went to sleep just as the sun went down and by the time you wake up you have to balance the idea of restarting the party or getting some food in your system. Don't worry, there's a good way to kick-start your day in Las Vegas at Bubbles and Brunch at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

No matter what kind of eater you are, almost everybody finds something to love about brunch. It’s one of those meals that defies definition—it could be breakfast food, it could be lunch or even Southern dinner food, it could be morning or afternoon (if you’re lucky, it stretches from one to the other). And if you do it the way I like to, it usually involves some alcohol.

Not long ago, weekend brunch in Las Vegas was mostly left to the buffets, where people could decide whatever food they wanted to have and stay as long as they liked, with little change from regular service other than optional champagne service (most buffets serve cocktails by request anyway).

Then “Rock N Roll Chef” Kerry Simon decided to mix things up at his Simon at Palms Place restaurant, offering a radical all-you-can-eat healthy and decadent brunch focusing on the party people who woke up late and wanted to feel comfortable coming to the table in their pajamas. Really. It took off like wildfire, even with local celebrities like Holly Madison and Robin Leach, and suddenly everyone wanted a piece of the action.

Now, nearly every Las Vegas Casino Resort has at least one party brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. But one new brunch in particular really stands above the rest, not just for great food, and a fun atmosphere, but also an amazing value.

Bubbles and Brunch at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

It’s called, simply, Bubbles & Brunch, and it’s only at the Overlook Grill perched above the Boulevard Pool deck on the roof of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. You’ve probably read about Cosmopolitan elsewhere on Go Vegas: it’s the casino resort both big city sophisticates and young party types tend to love the most on the Strip. Several other places at the Cosmo offer brunch, including Comme Ça (“come sah”) and Wicked Spoon, but even they can’t compare to the unique Bubbles & Brunch.

Designed by Cosmopolitan Executive Chef Gerald Chin, this brunch is just a little different. You pay one price, and it is technically “all you can eat,” but it isn’t a buffet, nor do you order off a menu. Instead, while a bikini blond spins sexy dance tunes in the open-air café, servers bring you a series of ten around-the-world selections, almost dim sum style, and you eat what you want. The offerings range from decadent to healthy, sweet, savory and spicy, and if you want more of anything, just let them know.

What They Bring You at Bubbles and Brunch at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

  • A steaming warm caramel-cinnamon monkey bread, so big it could fill you up alone if you ate it all—so be careful!
  • A one-egg blue crab benedict, the soft poached egg over a crisp lump crab cake in Cajun Hollandaise sauce.
  • A nice palate-cleansing little bowl of simple mixed berries.
  • A small cup of a rather refined baby asparagus salad, with bits of pancetta, morel mushrooms, and an asparagus foam dressing.
  • A rather generous mezze plate, including slices of soft peppery Salumi Toscana, Gran Padano and Brie Savoie cheeses, hummus, cured olives, and whole wheat pitas. Again, don’t fill up– you’re only at the halfway mark!
  • Just a small bite (thankfully) of fried chicken and waffle under maple pecan hot sauce butter, every bit savory, snappy, yeasty and sweet where you want it to be.
  • A few tender open faced Taylor bay scallops broiled in Meyer lemon butter
  • Chinese char-siu style barbeque pork ribs, tender, crispy, sweet and chewy.
  • “Steak frites,” a few ounces of almost butter-soft New York strip steak seasoned with sea salt, and “potato crusted potatoes” (kind of like a cross between a knish and a tater tot). You might almost be angry they saved the best for last. Okay, I’m fibbing, it’s all pretty darn good.
  • And then comes the grand finale: A tray of alcohol-infused dessert delights, including frozen coffee with Kahlua, a Blue Moon beer cupcake, a rum & coke whoopee pie, a tequila-infused red velvet and white chocolate lollicake, a Guinness stout and dark chocolate lollicake, a mimosa jello shot, and two chocolate covered strawberries. Uncle!

All that for $40 per person? Yup. Such a deal you almost feel guilty not ordering a bottle of Moet Ice imperial to accompany it. If you do, it’s popped at the table and served as a sort of instant white sangria with fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Light, crisp and so refreshing!

Take your time—no one’s rushing you out. Bubbles and Brunch is served from noon until 6 p.m. at the Overlook Grill at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. You read that right. Hey, this is Vegas, right? No rules!

E.C. Gladstone contributed to this piece and can be found eating and drinking his way around Las Vegas.

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