Bryant Park Visitors Guide

Everything you need to plan your visit to Bryant Park

Bryant Park is located in the heart of Manhattan -- a veritable oasis among the midtown skyscrapers and just outside of the chaos of Times Square. Whether you want to relax on the lawn, catch a free movie screening, play a game of chess or take a ride on Le Carrousel, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Bryant Park. Run by the not-for-profit Bryant Park Corporation, the maintenance and programming of Bryant Park is privately funded for the public benefit.

Official Website: Bryant Park Corporation Website

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    Bryant Park Directions

    Bryant Park from the Empire State Building
    ••• Bryant Park from the Empire State Building. Heather Cross

    Wondering how to get to Bryant Park? An oasis in midtown Manhattan, Bryant Park and the New York Public Library occupy four city blocks.

    Bryant Park Boundaries:

    • Fifth Avenue (East)
    • Sixth Avenue (West)
    • 42nd Street (North)
    • 40th Street (South)

      Bryant Park Subway:

      • B, D, F, & M trains to 42nd St/Bryant Park
      • 7 train to 5th Avenue
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      Curious about the layout of Bryant Park? This helpful map will show you where things are, whether you're looking for a bathroom or for the New York Public Library.

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      Bryant Park Concerts and Events

      Broadway in Bryant Park
      ••• Broadway in Bryant Park.

      Bryant Park hosts a wide variety of different events throughout the year -- particularly in the summer.

      Bryant Park Events:

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      Things To Do In Bryant Park

      Bryant Park
      ••• Bryant Park. Heather Cross

      Wondering just what to do when you visit Bryant Park? Here are some of the fun things you can do in Bryant Park:

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      Eating in Bryant Park

      Bryant Park is a wonderful spot to enjoy lunch or dinner, and there are both casual and formal options, as well as plenty of spots to spread out with a feast you've brought yourself.

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      Bryant Park Photos

      Bryant Park from the Empire State Building's 103rd Floor
      ••• Bryant Park from the Empire State Building's 103rd Floor. Heather Cross

      Want to get a preview Bryant Park? Check out these Bryant Park photos:

      • Bryant Park Photo Gallery
      • Bryant Park from the 86th Floor of the Empire State Building
      • Bryant Park from the 103rd Floor of the Empire State Building