Bruce Lee's Home in Hong Kong and Museum

What's Happening with the Forthcoming Bruce Lee Museum in Hong Kong

As of June 2011, the Bruce Lee Museum project has been cancelled due to a dispute between the government and owner of the building about the size and scale of the museum

Bruce Lee’s home in Hong Kong has finally been given approval to become a museum after a struggle to save the building by the martial art stars legion of fans.

Bruce Lee fans have often felt the Hong Kong government has done little to honour a man who is arguably the city’s most famous son. Aside from a statue on the Avenue of Stars, there are no other official sights for fans to see, although several Hong Kong martial arts studios offer Bruce Lee Wing Chun classes. Bruce Lee’s home in Hong Kong will now become a museum to the stars life. A move that is long overdue.

Set in Kowloon Tong at 41 Cumberland Road, the 5’700ft mansion was where the star spent the last years of his life, before his untimely death in 1973. After his death, the building spent time as a Love Hotel, where rooms are rented by the hour, before being bought by billionaire Yu Pang-lin. The billionaire has now handed the building over to city authorities to install a museum.

Concrete details on the plans for the museum are still emerging, however Lee’s study will be recreated, as will his training hall, including a selection of marital arts weaponry. Other plans being floated are for a small movie theatre and a martial arts centre to encourage the study of Wing Chun, Lee’s own system of martial arts.

A time frame for the museum has yet to be set, but once these plans are set in motion in Hong Kong they tend to take shape fairly quickly. Hopefully, within two years Mr Fists of Fury will have his own museum.

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Bruce Lee's Home in Hong Kong