Brooklyn's Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Indulge on grilled cheese at these six spots

It doesn’t have to be National Cheese Lovers Day or Grilled Cheese Month to crave this comfort food staple. From old school diner grilled cheese sandwiches to a hip whiskey bar with an artisanal grilled cheese menu, there are many places to pick up a grilled cheese sandwich in Brooklyn. If you’re a fan of the popular chain, Melt Shop, we even have a location in downtown Brooklyn. Cheese lovers rejoice on a cheesy journey through our borough.

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The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse
The Wheelhouse, Facebook
165 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA
+1 718-483-9970

Tired of the classic grilled American cheese on white? For eight bucks you can build your own grilled cheese at this Bushwick restaurant. With options including ciabatta or ​gluten-free bread, smoked gouda, goat cheese and vegan cheddar, you can be extremely inventive with your grilled cheese sandwich. After you reinvent the grilled cheese, be sure to order one of their milk shakes. Yes, they have a black and white milkshake, so you don't have to choose between chocolate and vanilla.

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Henry Public

329 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201-5527, USA
+1 718-852-8630

The charming vintage décor is eternally appealing and so is the basic and tasty grilled cheese served with pickle chips. The sandwich is light and is an ideal bar food. Pair the sandwich with a cold brew and you might find bliss in this simple pleasure. 

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The Milk Truck

2220, 214 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA
+1 718-628-3663

Head to the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg’s winter time home in Industry City to enjoy one of the Milk Truck’s tasty grilled cheese sandwiches. The truck also parks around NYC, and you can track it on their website. Cheese lovers must order the Three Cheese Grilled Cheese with Aged Gruyere, Aged New York State Cheddar, and Wisconsin Blue with Caramelized Granny Smith Apples on Blue Ribbon Bakery Rosemary Pullman.

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Noorman's Kill

609 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA
+1 347-384-2526

Only in Williamsburg could a whiskey and cheese bar exist. With over three hundred whiskeys and a menu of some of the tastiest grilled cheese sandwiches in NYC, this is a required stop for any foodie visiting Brooklyn.

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Morris Food Truck

145 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213, USA

The Crown Heights sandwich shop is undergoing renovations and is temporarily closed, but the Morris Food Truck can be found in Brooklyn and throughout NYC. Enjoy a classic grilled cheese from this beloved truck.

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Anopoli Family Restaurant

1351, 6920 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA
+1 718-748-3863

This old-school ice cream parlor and diner serves some of the best comfort food in Brooklyn. If you're in the mood for a cheesy grilled cheese sandwich followed by a scoop of homemade ice cream in a friendly and homey atmosphere, this Bay Ridge classic restaurant is a must-visit location.

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Get Cheesy! Brooklyn's Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches