Brooklyn's Best Comic Book Stores

Comic Book Stores in Brooklyn

This weekend, The Avengers: Age of Ultron will probably break box office records, yet comic book stores are struggling to stay in business. Over the past decade, I’ve seen many Brooklyn shops close, but there is still a thriving comic book scene in Brooklyn. These diverse shops appeal to all comic book fans. Whether you're on the hunt for an indie comic, a graphic novel, or the recent issue of a Marvel or DC comic, visit one of these comic shops in Brooklyn. Want an excuse to visit a comic book store? May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day, where folks can get free comics at various comic book shops.

If you're in search of a serious comic book themed weekend in Brooklyn, head to Park Slope and pick up a secret identity at the Superhero Supply Store. Afterward, trek to Williamsburg and grab a bite at the comic themed restaurant, Action Burger, where the décor pays tribute to the world of comics. The restaurant also offers customers access to free arcade games. On a recent visit, I watched the original Superman while I played Street Fighter, which is pretty much pure bliss for a certain set of people.

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Galaxy Comics

With two locations in the heart of Park Slope and one in Bay Ridge, this well-stocked traditional comic book shop has Archie comics, and every Wednesday gets a shipment of the latest comics from Marvel, DC, etc. The shop also has a great selection of indie comics, as well as comic related merchandise. They participate in the annual Free Comic Book Day. Be sure to get there early to get your free comic book. If you’re a collector, Galaxy also sells boards and bags. 

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Bergen Street Comics

This Park Slope comic book store is a great spot for fans of independent comics and graphic novels. Yet, it’s not all about the heady comics at this shop, they also have standard comic book fare, as well as a range of self-published comics. But this might not be the ideal shop for folks searching for mainstream comic books. Bergen Street Comics participates in Free Comic Book Day and the store also hosts many events with graphic novelists, artists, and writers. 

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Desert Island

Housed in an old bakery with the sign above the door advertising, “Italian French Sicilian Bread,” a visit to Desert Island is a must for any fan of indie comics. This Williamsburg shop has a wide range of obscure comics, but also has a bunch of familiar titles on hand. Desert Island also publishes comics and organizes The Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival. To get a better understanding of the philosophy behind this unique shop, read this interview with the owner Gabe Fowler. 

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Bullet Proof Comics

Located near the Brooklyn College campus, this shop houses a large collection of comics, collectibles, and will also appeal to gamers. The shop hosts weekly gaming tournaments at Aviator Sports Complex located at Floyd Bennett Field. The shop packs a lot into the space, and is worth a visit for any comic fan. 

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