The Brooklyn West Indian Labor Day Parade and Caribbean Carnival

The West Indian American Day Parade & Carnival celebrates its 47h anniversary in 2014. Many people assume that the "event" is just the Labor Day parade. But there's days of concerts, events and festivities, some lasting until 3 AM, and all outside.  

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    West Indian Caribbean American Labor Day Parade

    Two revelers in Caribbean traditional dress
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    This is one of New York's most colorful parades.

    Come and see the costumes, hear fabulous Caribbean music, grab some ethnic food from the street vendors, and join flag waving crowds celebrating West Indian culture. Among the nations represented are  Trinidad, Barbados and Grenada.

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    Practical Info

    40th Annual West Indian-American Day Carnival and Parade
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    • There are indoors and outdoors events. Everything happens rain or shine.
    • Some events are especially for kids.
    • The Labor Day parade is free. Some events, however, are ticketed.
    • Get tickets online at, email WIADCAINC@GMAIL.COM, or call (718) 467 1797. You can also order a four-day ticket online.
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    Caribbean Woodstock, Kick Off

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    Thursday marks the official kick-off event for Caribbean Carnival Week festivities and will feature popular artists from the Caribbean.


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    Stay in School Talent Show

    West Indian Labor Day Parade
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    For kids, the Stay In School Youth Talent Show is a fun free event that pairs a good message about staying in school with a talent show competition. This talent show-case highlights leaders of tomorrow as they perform hip-hop, dance, steel-pan, karate, fashion, spoken word and much more.  

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    Steel Band Competition


    Running from Friday of the Carnival week until, usually, the wee hours of the next morning, this steel band competition is about as memorable as any musical event you'll ever attend. 

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    ••• Elaborate costume at Junior Carnival at West Indian American Labor Day Parade, 2013. Photo by E. Freudenheim

    Thousands of children and families enjoy this event. 

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    For Fat Sunday, the last concert of the weekend!

    Come watch and hear the best West Indian steel bands compete in this fabulous carnival event.