Five Brooklyn Shopping Malls

Five Shopping Malls in Brooklyn

Shop to your heart's content at Brooklyn's various shopping malls. Although, Brooklyn is known for its eclectic main streets filled with unique shops, it's also home to shopping malls. Spend a day shopping at these fantastic shopping centers in Brooklyn.

In the Fall of 2016, Brooklyn's famed City Point started to open some its many shops. Now completed City Point, a mall located in Downtown Brooklyn, houses Century 21, Alamo Drafthouse, Target and other retailers. Century 21 opened in early October 2016, along with a few other shops, and the remaining retailers opened in 2017. This is a place to keep an eye on, as you plan your Brooklyn shopping excursion. 

From an old school shopping mall on Flatbush Avenue to the new shops at City Point, Brooklyn is a shopper's delight.

Here's a glance and a view of what they are, and what stores you can find there.


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    Atlantic Center Mall
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    There are two malls here, joined by an overhead walkway. Both are centrally located to the Atlantic Avenue subway station and LIRR station, and across the street from Barclay Center basketball stadium. Target is one of the anchor stores. See List of stores in the Atlantic Center.

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    Probably Brooklyn's best mall, this large duplex complex has hundreds of shops, a parking lot and a movie theater has been around since the 1970s. Nearby is also a free standing Toy's R Us. If you're a cookie lover or need to refuel before you spend your marathon day of shopping, stop by the Cookie House on the first floor (I'll confess this was a childhood favorite and a highlight of many trips to this mall for back to school shopping). The mall has most of the standard chain stores. It also has a Macy's, a large H & M and Hot Topic. See List of stores at Kings Plaza. Yes, they have Chipotle and other fast food restaurants if you're looking for a little more nourishment than a cookie.

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    Fulton Mall Brooklyn
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    This is a downtown area that's been turned into a pedestrian zone and has undergone an extensive revitalization. The anchor store is Macy's, which is currently being renovated, but is still open to the public. Every day new shops are popping up on Fulton Street. From the Banana Republic Factory Store to the Gap Outlet to an oversizes H & M, Fulton Mall is quickly being reborn as Brooklyn's ultimate shopping destination. With the completion of the City Point, this stretch of Brooklyn has become even more ideal. Restaurants are opening around this centrally located part of Brooklyn, which is close to several subway stations in Downtown Brooklyn. If you're done shopping and are in search of nightlife, here's a guide to Downtown Brooklyn's nightlife


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    Gateway Mall
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    This is Brooklyn's best kept secret, a suburban style shopping mall that has a more relaxed atmosphere than some of Brooklyn's more established malls. It's off exit 15 on the Belt Parkway, near Spring Creek Park. Although it's best for those who have access to a car, it's worth the trek via bus. The Gateway Mall has expanded in the last few years and now includes a second mall, which houses a Gap Outlet, Five and Below, and many other shops. This is a great place if you're just moved to the borough and need home products since there is both a Bed, Bath & Beyond and a Home Depot, as well as a Target. See List of stores at Gateway Mall.

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    Roosevelt Field Mall
    ••• Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, Long Island, NY. Courtesy of Simon

    Although there is no reason to ever leave Brooklyn. If you find yourself with an invite to the posh Hamptons or the lovely North Fork or you're off to visit a friend who moved to the burbs, you should stock on some goods at a local box store or a mall. So if you are headed to Long Island beaches or to visit friends or relatives don't miss some of the best malls in the tri-state region. Find out what's where, here.