Brooklyn's Restaurant Week: 10 Best Italian Restaurants

Top Ten Participating Italian Restaurants for 2013 "Dine In Brooklyn" Event

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Ah, so many restaurants, so little time! Brooklyn's restaurant week offers the opportunity to go back to a favorite spot or try something new. Of the forty or so Italian restaurants on the 20132 Dine In Brooklyn list (offering a fixed price menu of $28 for dinner and $20.23 for lunch), here are our top ten picks for the best Italian food.

Some are first and foremost pizzerias, for instance, Anthony's and L&B Spumoni Gardens. And others are noted for their seasonal offerings and modern cuisine, for example, al di la. Included on the list are several traditional Brooklyn Italian places, such as Garguilios (famous for the octopus decoration on the ceiling and Coney Island address) and low-key, white-table-clothed Queen.

Some take reservations, others don't. (Some have websites, others don't, too!) Some offer the promotional prices only for lunch, others for dinner. So, take your pick — BUT do call ahead!

Finally, it's worth noting that not every restaurant in Brooklyn participates in Dine In Brooklyn. So you won't find, for instance, Grimaldi's Pizzeria, the or other favorite or notable restaurants.

How to Make the Most Out of Brooklyn Restaurant Week

Recommended Italian Restaurants for 2013 Restaurant Week

Organized alphabetically:

1. al di la
Lunch only; reservations only for 6 or more
248 5th Avenue. PARK SLOPE
(718) 783-4565

2. Anthony’s
Dinner only
426A 7th Avenue. PARK SLOPE
(718) 369-8315

3. Baci & Abbracci
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
204 Grand Street. WILLIAMSBURG
(718) 599-6599

4. Gargiulo’s Restaurant
Lunch & Dinner.
Southern Italian
2911 West 15th Street. CONEY ISLAND
(718) 266-4891

5. Michael’s Restaurant
Dinner only
2929 Avenue R. MARINE PARK
(718) 998-7851

6. The Pearl Room
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
8201 3rd Avenue. BAY RIDGE
(718) 833-6666

7. Ponte Vecchio Ristorante
Lunch only
8810 4th Avenue. BAY RIDGE
(718) 238-6449

8. Queen Ristorante
Lunch & Dinner.
Contemporary Italian.
(718) 596-5955

9. Tuscany Grill
Dinner only
8620 3rd Avenue. BAY RIDGE
(718) 921-5633

10.L & B Spumoni Gardens
Pizza; Lunch only
2725 86th Street. DYKER HEIGHTS
(718) 449-7556

Full disclosure: Especially when it comes to pizza, everyone has their own opinion of what is the best. So, consider the above recommendations only.

Also, this author has not received (nor asked for) any special freebies, free meals, coupons, drinks, compensation in cash or kind, or any other form of VIP treatment from any of the above recommended restaurants.

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