9 Smart Things to Do in a Brooklyn Power Outage

A Brooklyn street after dark.
Karina Vera / EyeEm / Getty Images

What should you do when your power goes out due to a hurricane, storm, mechanical power outage, overload of the electrical grid during a big heat wave, or because you forgot to pay your bill?

9 Tips on How to Handle a Power Outage

Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with a power outage, including some tips from Con Edison, NY:

  1. If you have advance warning (for instance, if you know a storm's coming), then power up all your electronic gadgets: phone, iPad, iPod, computer, personal robot, and so on.
  2. Turn off whatever lights were on.
  3. Keep the fridge door closed as much as possible to retain the cold (and think about how to make your next meal out of what's most perishable!) There are a few rules of thumb when it comes to keeping food safe in the freezer during an outage.
  4. Unplug some additional appliances so you don't overload the circuits when power is restored. Consider unplugging TVs, radios, clocks, toasters, toaster ovens, computer printers, computers. Turn off air conditioners clothes dryers, and other appliances that were on when it went dark.
  1. See if you can find a neighbor to determine if the power outage has hit just your home or a larger area.
  2. Call your electrical company. (It helps to have your account number available).
  3. Leave a radio, TV or light on so you know when the power's been restored.
  4. Before evening, find your flashlight and batteries, or candles and matches; beware fire hazard with the latter.

Resources for NYC

Use these numbers to report a power outage:

  • Con Ed:1-800-75CONED
  • National Grid: 1-800-465-1212
  • NY City Help Line 311.
  • If you see downed power lines in your neighborhood, report it to your power provider or 311.