Which is Better for Mail & Official Forms in Brooklyn? "Brooklyn, NY," or "NYC"?

Question: Which is Better for Mail & Official Forms in Brooklyn? "Brooklyn, NY," or "NYC"?

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City. So, when addressing a letter or package, or filling out an official form that asks for "city," how should the "city" line be filled in?

As "Brooklyn?"

As "Brooklyn, NY?"

Or as "New York, New York", maybe "NYC, NY," or just the uber-cool, brand-name, "BKLYN"?

And, PS, how important is it to add the right zip code?


When filling out tax and official forms, and sending mail, it's best to use "Brooklyn, NY." Indicate the city (Brooklyn), state (New York), and Brooklyn zip code. And for mail, the most important thing is to include the correct Brooklyn zip code.

If a package or letter is sent to a Brooklyn address without a zip code, it's possible that it will arrive at a similar-sounding street address, but in another borough. For instance, because there's a "Fulton Street" in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, a diamond ring wrapped in a sock, put in an envelope, and addressed to "300 Fulton Street, New York, New York," might well never arrive in its intended's mailbox in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn was once an independent city. The convention has remained that mail is addressed to "Brooklyn, NY." That said, modern postal carriers such as the US Post Office, UPS and Fedex will likely deliver to the correct Brooklyn address if the correct Brooklyn zip code is included, even if the city is just identified as "New York City."

Yes, this is mildly confusing. However, rest assured that the situation is much worse in Queens.

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