After Midnight: A Night Owl in Brooklyn

Seven Brooklyn Spots for Late Nights

They say NYC is the city that never sleeps. However, many areas of Brooklyn are pretty quiet after midnight. If you're an insomniac or simply craving a slice at 2am, here's the ultimate list of where night owls can eat, shop or hang out. If it looks like it's closing time, but you're not in the mood to go home, head to one of these seven spots and enjoy a seriously decadent late night out.

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    Daisy's Diner
    Richard C, Foursquare,

    If you find yourself in need of a tasty tuna melt at three in the morning, grab a seat at Daisey's Diner in Park Slope. Located a short walk from the F train on Park Slope's 5th Avenue, near many of Park Slope's bars, this is the ideal place to dine after a night out in the Slope. Or if you're awake with a great idea and you just want to sit and write while drinking a never-ending cup of coffee, you'll also find yourself at home here. 

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    Planet Fitness
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    Ever dream of bench pressing at 2am? Well, now you can. If you're having trouble sleeping, exhaust yourself at Planet Fitness. And you can never say that working out doesn't fit into your schedule at Planet Fitness, which is open 24/7 on Monday through Friday. With locations throughout Brooklyn and incredibly low rates, night owls can lift weights at midnight or run on a treadmill at four am.

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    OMG Pizza
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    Craving a slice in the middle of the night? Head to OMG Pizza. Located in Bushwick, this pizza place is ideal for late night deliveries or a slice. It's open until around 4am, making it the perfect place for anyone in Brooklyn who has a late night pizza craving. An added plus, they also have burgers and falafel. 

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    For real night owl hipsters, the party doesn't get going until way after midnight. If you want to dance way past four am, spend the night at Output in Williamsburg. Housed in a converted warehouse in the heart of Williamsburg (it's across the street from Brooklyn Bowl and a couple of blocks from Rough Trade), the spacious multileveled club invite some of the world's best DJ's to host their nightly parties. The rooftop is not to be missed in the warmer months. 

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    In daylight hours, Brooklyn bagel stores are as ubiquitous as pizzerias, but in the middle of the night, both are very rare finds. However, if you want to soak up the alcohol from your night in Williamsburg or if you just want to satiate a bagel craving, you should head to Bagelsmith. With two locations, in the heart of Williamsburg, open twenty-four hours, this is the best place to grab a bite after a late night in this hipster haven. Consider ordering an everything bagel with tofu cream cheese (this is my typical order at Bagelsmith) and see why this place has been a neighborhood favorite for years.

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    Bembe, Facebook

    You don't have to head to Miami or out of the country for all night dance party. This Latin American Williamsburg club is open until 4am on weekends. If you're looking for a fun late night excursion, consider Bembe. Hop on the L train and dance the night away at this popular dance club. Don't forget to order a tropical drink and you'll truly feel like your dancing at warm weather location. 

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    Hana Foods
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    If you thought NYC was becoming a bit homogenized and was filled with chain shops, you should head to Hana Foods at 2am and read their menu with quirky named sandwiches including Who Killed Gertrude Stein and Thriller. Hana Food is a storefront deli on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, but it also has a a menu of tasty sandwiches. Although the sandwiches have some truly bizarre names, they are devoured by locals. Vegans and vegetarians will love the various veggie friendly choices. If you need some libations, Hanna Food also has beer.