Brooklyn New Year's Eve Activities — Things to Do on New Year's Eve in Brooklyn

New Years Eve Ends 2017, Begins 2018

Fireworks over New York City skyline
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Not sure what to do this New Year's Eve in New York City? Check out the options right here in Brooklyn on how to usher in 2018.


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    For New Year's Eve 2017-18, you can choose between fireworks in Brooklyn's centrally located Prospect Park, a midnight seaside fireworks display in Coney Island, or a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

    When to See the Prospect Park Fireworks Celebrating New Year's 2017-2018

    Grand Army Plaza, located at the main entrance to Prospect Park, will be a major viewing site for the Prospect Park fireworks, which are shot off in the Great Lawn section of the park.

     For a good spot, arrive early.

    Events: 11:00 p.m.–12:30 a.m.: Entertainment and hot refreshments at Grand Army Plaza.

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    Want to go dancing? See an over-the-top show? Find out what's happening this NYE in cool, hot, there's-nothing-like-it Brooklyn. From floor shows in a Brighton Beach nightclub to hanging out at the bars and restaurants in Bushwick. Or spend the evening in Greepoint at the Brooklyn Bazaar and many other cool venues. 

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    So you want to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge on New Year's Eve 2017 as we celebrate the start of 2018? What a great idea! There will be fireworks in NY Harbor near Liberty Island at midnight.

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    The museum is open until 3pm on December 31st. This cute children's museum has many interactive exhibits and is a great place to spend the day with young ones. After the museum closes, head to Franklin Avenue for a bite to eat. 

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    New Year's Eve in a Brooklyn Sports Bar

    On the other hand, it's so appealing to stay local on New Year's Eve. And why not? Brooklyn's got neighborhoods to be proud of. So head toward your local sports bar (or one with a big TV), meet some new people, and watch the freezing throngs count down to midnight in Times Square — while you're sitting inside, comfy and warm. Here are some centrally located sports bars neat Barclays Center.

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    Guided Tours of Brooklyn on New Years Eve

    Take your pick of a few great tours for New Year's Eve:

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    Don't wake up after New Year's Eve without a plan for New Year's Day! Even if you expect to be nursing a hangover, you can probably manage brunch at, say, 3 P.M. Many Brooklyn restaurants don't take reservations, even on holidays, so you can take your chances like everybody else and just head toward your favorite place and wait in line. But if you want to book ahead, here are a few good places to get a reservation for brunch on New Year's Day.